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Extending mercy and grace through unsuspecting circumstances

In his profound mercy, the Lord uses unsuspecting circumstances to lead souls to the truth of the gospel. He can even use an eleven-year-old boy and an invitation to attend a piano recital at a church. Read More

3 Ways Christians can Proclaim God’s Pursuing Love to Others


Jesus courts unbelievers and wins them through his grace. He uses his faithful servants to be couriers who provide messages of God’s pursuing love.

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Being a Light Depends on How we Listen

The Light of the world became flesh and the angels made his presence known. The Light lived, died on our behalf, and rose again.

That Light is the Word — the Word made flesh — the Word that we celebrated during Christmas.

The Word creates Light and those who are in the Light must not be quiet, nor keep the Word hidden, nor keep it for ourselves. For those whom God has set apart from darkness, it is a given that they will proclaim that Light to the world.

There are promises and blessings associated with sharing the light.  It depends upon how carefully we listen.

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Unforgettable! That’s What You Are in God’s Eyes

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the Jewish people in the days right before the birth of Christ. God had not spoken through his prophets in about 400 years. What may have people been thinking about the Lord?

Do you think some started wondering if God had forgotten them? … That maybe, just maybe, God had forgotten to send their Messiah?

Has there even been a time in own lives, when we may have doubted God’s faithfulness; maybe we’ve wondered if God has forgotten us?

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The Word made flesh empowers believers with the gospel

Words are powerful. They hurt, implore, and inspire.

Out of love, God sent His Word to bring salvation.

The Word became flesh so that all people may receive the Truth and the Life. The Word is that powerful.

The Word is so important that God became flesh. It is the same Word that empowers believers today.

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God uses our “small turfs of grass” to answer big prayers


It’s funny how much smaller everything looks then what you remember as a child. It reminded me how often we tend to miss a big God in the smallness of everyday life.

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Moving from being a Good to Great Samaritan

There are hurting people out in the world. Physical needs, emotional hurts, and loneliness are just some of the ills that infect our sinful world. In this busy world, we often don’t see life’s litter on the side of the road. Neighbors artfully disguise their problems and hungrily look for the world to ease their symptoms rather than treat the disease.

In the biblical call for Christians to be salt and light, a sacrifice must be made to stop and help those in need. But is that all? In the parable of the Good Samaritan, we are provided a stunning example to display the love of Christ. And I believe it goes well beyond providing for physical needs.

Christians move from good to great when they boldly step out in faith to proclaim the reason for their service.  It is because of what Christ has already done for us.

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Three Steps to Create a Zeal for Evangelism

If there is a secret formula for Christians and churches to be actively engaged in sharing the gospel in their community – Jesus has provided one.

It is a three step outline that does not rely on what you do, but seeks to strengthen our trust in Christ.

The outline starts with our hearts and ends with a prayer. And in between, a vision is presented that can inspire a consuming zeal to go and reach the lost.

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