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Praying for the Fruit of Patience in Evangelism

Our human nature has always been impatient. It doesn’t require much effort. That’s why patience is referred to as a virtue or an art form. It takes practice. For evangelism, the fruit of patience is a work of God in us. And it becomes one of the most important attributes for believers who are concerned about advancing God’s kingdom. Read More

A witnessing prayer

Witnessing Christ in today’s world is a daunting task.  Competing truths, busyness and the distractions in life add up to what seemingly is a disinterested public. When you include our own fear and weaknesses, a believer needs to rely on God for his power and strength.

The great Christian missionaries of old knew that prayer is an important component to be God’s witnesses. They are songs of praise that come from a heart overflowing with thankfulness to the Lord. “Sing praises to the LORD, enthroned in Zion; proclaim among the nations what he has done.” (Psalm 9:7) Read More

Discovering big breaks come in small packages

One of the greatest promises God gives – and one of the hardest to trust – is that God’s hand is in everything. How do we make that promise real? Read More

Proclaiming the gospel can start with a song

Songs begin from the heart. They register profound sadness from broken hearts, spur revolutions as a call to action, or convey deep, transparent love to woo hearts. Proclaiming the gospel can start with a song. Read More

Life lessons I learned from Johnny Carson

At a time when television was the social media of the day, only a few kings emerged to rule and influence millions.

Johnny Carson was one of those kings.

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Our Reconciled Account with God

As the bookkeeper for Truth in Love Ministry, I have to reconcile my accounts with the bank accounts to make sure everything matches up.  The last couple months, when I have done this, it has made me think more about reconciliation and what it all means – especially as it pertains to our relationship with God.

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Sand Piles Inside!

Over the week of Christmas this year, our family gathered at a house on the Oregon coast.  This house sat right on the beach and less than 48 hours before we arrived, a major storm had hit the coast – winds of 70+mph and a lot of rain.

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A Blessed Thanksgiving!

A Blessed Thanksgiving!