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Confessions of a Sinful Evangelist

Is failing to proclaim the gospel a sin?

If a Christian does not attempt to fulfill the Great Commission… is that a sin?

These thoughts have gnawed at my conscience. Layers of guilt tend to pile up over missed opportunities.

God provides a remedy. He not only clears consciences with full forgiveness of our sins, he also provides an example from the story of a notorious, public sinner.

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Confronting the fear of rejection in evangelism

Rejection can be devastating. It can paralyze us from taking risks. Status quo is far safer than stepping out in faith. Most of us don’t like to place ourselves in positions where the likelihood of failure appears far greater than success. Let’s face it… we hate being disappointed or hurt.

Perhaps the fear of rejection is one of the greatest barriers for Christians to fulfill God’s commission to proclaim the gospel.

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The 30 Second Elevator Witness

Alone in an elevator, another person steps in and presses a button for the 12th floor. An angel of the Lord taps you on the shoulder and whispers that you have thirty seconds to proclaim the gospel before they step out.

What would you say?

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Are you tired of living with pigs?

I’m wondering if evangelists could use the following invitation to proclaim the gospel:

Are you tired of living with pigs?

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Four reminders on how all Christians can be competent evangelists

The Lord set forth a mission – a strategic plan – to rescue a fallen world from the consequences of sin. The plan centers around a clear message. The strategy is to incorporate the church to transmit this message to the world.

Why do we as Christians have such a difficult time carrying this plan out?

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Unforgettable! That’s What You Are in God’s Eyes

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the Jewish people in the days right before the birth of Christ. God had not spoken through his prophets in about 400 years. What may have people been thinking about the Lord?

Do you think some started wondering if God had forgotten them? … That maybe, just maybe, God had forgotten to send their Messiah?

Has there even been a time in own lives, when we may have doubted God’s faithfulness; maybe we’ve wondered if God has forgotten us?

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The Word made flesh empowers believers with the gospel

Words are powerful. They hurt, implore, and inspire.

Out of love, God sent His Word to bring salvation.

The Word became flesh so that all people may receive the Truth and the Life. The Word is that powerful.

The Word is so important that God became flesh. It is the same Word that empowers believers today.

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The Word made flesh sustains believers with the gospel

Words can engage and implore. They are engraved in granite to remember and inspire.

Words can tear down or destroy. Unloving remarks can forever be engraved in our hearts and minds.

Words are that important.

Out of his love for us, God became the Word in flesh. He came to save the world from our sins.

His Word is that important.

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