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The Word made flesh empowers believers with the gospel

Words are powerful. They hurt, implore, and inspire.

Out of love, God sent His Word to bring salvation.

The Word became flesh so that all people may receive the Truth and the Life. The Word is that powerful.

The Word is so important that God became flesh. It is the same Word that empowers believers today.

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The Word made flesh sustains believers with the gospel

Words can engage and implore. They are engraved in granite to remember and inspire.

Words can tear down or destroy. Unloving remarks can forever be engraved in our hearts and minds.

Words are that important.

Out of his love for us, God became the Word in flesh. He came to save the world from our sins.

His Word is that important.

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God’s zeal for the lost is a Christian’s zeal to proclaim

God’s zeal to not remain silent is a Christian’s zeal today. His passion is our passion. His sacrificial love for all people is what sparks Christians to step out of their comfort zones and proclaim his message of salvation.

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Praise and Proclaim Launches Outreach Campaign in Rockwall, Texas

A brand new church was officially planted this weekend in Rockwall, Texas. Members from Divine Peace in Garland launched a second site after several years of planning, prayer, and preparation. Praise and Proclaim Ministries received the privilege to come and train members how to proclaim the gospel and organize a comprehensive campaign to help introduce the new church in Rockwall. We rejoice in the number of gospel seeds planted and the miracle God provided on Saturday.

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From Darkness to Light: Discovering God’s power to proclaim His message

The spirit of the Lord moves powerfully. His grace pursues and persists.

The Word is a consuming force that breaks down the pride of unbelief and creates the miracle of faith. It is His Word that announces Christ and what He has done – it is the only means to create and nourish faith.

And it’s this Word – this power – that is proclaimed from the mouths of believers.

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What is God’s primary goal for his church?

We all have goals. Companies set goals to increase sales. Football teams set goals to win championships. What about God? What primary goal does he set for his church?

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Praise and Proclaim Ministries launches campaign in Plano, Texas

Community members from Plano, Texas received a welcome surprise on Saturday when members from Atonement Lutheran Church knocked on their doors to proclaim a gospel message. And the Lord blessed their efforts.

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3 Important Lessons on Evangelism that Every Church Ought to Know

I love helping congregations launch outreach campaigns. Throughout the U.S., I have the privilege through Praise and Proclaim Ministries to train Christians how to proclaim the gospel and provide an opportunity to put their training into action by going door-to-door. Through my experience of launching campaigns in 2016, I believe there are three important lessons on evangelism that every congregation ought to know.

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