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Four Ways to Start Applying Innovation to Communicate the Gospel

I love innovation. I love discovering innovative ways to proclaim the gospel. How can congregations respond in this rapidly changing world to communicate what Christ has already done for us? Read More

Church Culture and Evangelism

The Bible tells Christians to be salt and light – influencers in a dark world. When it comes to evangelism it seems that the influence of culture is overshadowing the biblical commission. It’s important for Christians to identify that because it may be coming from an unexpected source… their church. Read More

Praise and Proclaim Ministries launches outreach initiative in Goodyear, AZ


Phoenix in February is a nice place to visit especially when you come from parts of the country where winter means ice, snow, and frigid air.

Going door-to-door to proclaim the gospel dressed in a short-sleeved shirt is a nice treat when the temperatures are in the low 70’s.

Praise and Proclaim Ministries received the blessing of launching an outreach initiative at River of Life Lutheran Church in Goodyear, Arizona ( – a suburban area west of Phoenix. And the Lord blessed this wonderful effort.

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The Word made flesh entrusts believers with the gospel

Before time began… was the Word.

The Word became the Light… and made his dwelling among us.

The Word remains today… so that all people may believe in him.

It is the Word we celebrate every Christmas – he is there, wrapped in cloths, and lying in the manger.

The Word made flesh entrusts believers with the gospel for the purpose of preserving and proclaiming it to the world.

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God’s commission for evangelism is sandwiched between a reminder and a promise

When God calls His people to action, he typically begins and ends with a promise. He provides words of assurance that God is God and we are not. He provides words of comfort to calm our fears. He promises His presence to let us know that we are not alone.

When it comes to God’s commission for all believers to proclaim the message of the gospel – perhaps the most fearful, intimidating, and difficult task given to all believers – the words of exhortation are sandwiched between a reminder and a promise.

  1. He reminds us that He has been given all authority that He is passing on to His disciples, and,
  2. He promises all believers that when they step out in faith to share their faith — they will not be alone.

Comforted by His Word – emboldened by His promises – believers embrace the commission to share the message of what Christ has already accomplished for us on the cross.

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God’s Stocking Gifts

Christmas is fast approaching! I was out buying stocking gifts this weekend and enjoying finding little things – keeping the person in mind – wanting to please and bring smiles. There certainly is joy in giving!

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Three blessings we receive from sharing God’s Word with others

I was traveling through southeastern Minnesota this past week and hit by an unexpected winter storm. People in Minnesota are used to ice, snow, wind, and frigid temperatures. They are not use to being hit this early.

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Burrows and Bereans

A burrow and two goats now live on the other side of the fence behind our house. I am enjoying having them back there – talking to them when I’m in the back yard, hearing the goats bleat, watching their activity. One of the first nights the burrow was back there, it must have been sleeping by the fence. Our neighbor pulled out of his garage to go to work early in the morning before sunrise and his truck startled the poor burrow.

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