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3 Ways the Power of Satan Affects the Work of an Evangelist

No unbeliever wants to be a Christian.

It’s not just a stubborn refusal to trust in God’s promises [because they are dead in sin], the removal of social barriers, or even the hypocrisy of a church that holds a person back, but something even more powerful.

When evangelists don’t acknowledge the spiritual forces behind unbelief, they will be ill-equipped to provide an appropriate and ongoing response to counter them.

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Don’t be like “Harold” but be heralds of Good News

When the angels appeared in the night sky to proclaim the good news of Christ’s birth, they provided an example and a clue for all believers on how to be evangelists.

All believers, like the angels, are to be heralds of Good News. And in that old English word “herald” we discover the truth and misconceptions about evangelism.

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Finding a Key to unlock the mystery of faith

Sherlock Holmes relied on deductive reasoning. Thomas Edison relied on experiments. Even Benjamin Franklin flew a kite during a thunderstorm. Each attempted to unlock a mystery using skill and intuitive minds.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is a mystery. A key is needed outside of a person’s power or reasoning. Without it, a heart will remain locked and unable to receive the saving power of God’s grace.

Every Christian has been given the key to salvation to unlock the mystery of faith. And Christ is asking every person who trusts in Him to share it with others.

What is the key? Where can I find the key to unlock the mystery of faith?

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How evangelism rests on trust and what you possess

A pastor at a recent mission conference stood up and made a startling statement.

He no longer uses the word “faith” when he is talking to people about believing in Christ. The word no longer has the same connotation that accurately reflects the biblical definition of what faith means. When sharing the gospel with others, the pastor suggests using the word “trust”.

Trust in what Jesus has already done for you and receive salvation from your sins.

That makes sense. A loving relationships is based on trust. In a saving relationship with Christ, we trust His promises that our righteousness is secure because of His faithfulness – not our own; His obedience and not our own; His trustworthiness and not our own.

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Is being a humanitarian enough to convey the full love of Christ?

Jesus’ greatest command is for Christians to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

We see images of destruction caused by natural disasters and are dismayed by the loss. Homes are destroyed. Families are left with nothing. Prompted by love, we extend a hand by offering financial support or materials goods to help those in need. Some are even willing to travel long distances to help pick up the pieces.

Are these demonstrations the type of love Christ is looking for, or is He calling on Christians to do something more?

In this growing impersonal and materialistic world being enveloped by today’s technology, perhaps Christians have lost touch on what Christ means to love our neighbor.

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Twelve Things Successful Evangelists Do

There are remarkably gifted people God uses to reach hundreds of lost souls for Christ. We marvel at their wonderful speaking ability, leadership skills, and passion for reaching the world with the gospel.

We stand back in awe of how God uses men and women to proclaim the gospel and wonder what it’s like to be used in the same way.

Is proclaiming the gospel about applying certain techniques and programs? What separates successful evangelists from others? What do they do that allows them to reach hundreds if not thousands for Christ?

What can a Christian glean from men and women God is using to share the gospel of Jesus Christ? The answers may surprise you.

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More Thoughts on Sharing the Gospel — when you feel like a loser

Our good intentions to share God’s Word can seem like a series of lop-sided defeats instead of inspiring victories — especially when fear stops us from saying anything at all.

How do I overcome feeling like a loser when it comes to evangelism?

A new head football coach for a losing college football program recently gave three perspectives on how to build a winning program. I believe these three perspectives could help Christians overcome mountains that get in the way of sharing the message of Christ.

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Thoughts on sharing the Gospel — when you feel like a loser

When Christ commissions those who trust in Him to go and share the message of salvation, the world can appear as mountain peaks that are too insurmountable to climb.

Our good intentions to serve God and be evangelists can seem like a series of lop-sided defeats, especially when we don’t do any witnessing at all.

Where can victory come from to conquer the mountains of fear, inhibitions, and busyness? How do I overcome feeling like a loser when it comes to evangelism?

Sometimes sports give the best analogies on how to receive victory and handle defeat.

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