Witness Well

Witness Well

A witnessing tip to help overcome the fear of not knowing what to say

We introduce Jesus Christ through His Word!  Only through the power of God’s Word can a lost soul receive faith. Jesus is the Word became flesh. He is the gospel. When Christian believers think of proclaiming the gospel as introducing Christ to the world, it can have a profound impact on overcoming our fears. Read More

Confronting the “What if?” questions in evangelism

Doubt breeds a distracted heart. Whims supersede trust in God’s promises. Questions lend to inactivity — especially when it’s something we know the Lord wants believers to do.

When God commissions us to go out into the world and proclaim the gospel, have you found yourself asking:

“What if nobody is going to listen to me?”

“What if I don’t know what to say?”

“What if I just don’t want to do it?”

It is comforting to know that an important figure in the Old Testament wrestled with the same doubts and excuses when God commissioned him to carry out an important task.

God does provide a solution to confront the “What if?” questions in evangelism. It’s based on trust. Read More

Four discoveries when Christians exercise their faith and proclaim the gospel

Chuckling in your face.

Wincing in disapproval.

Polite smiles with a faraway look in their eyes.

God’s Word has that effect on lost souls.

When believers receive disappointing responses from proclaiming the gospel, it can cause us to think twice when opportunities arise again.

What are ways that a Christian believer can continue to be bold witnesses? It starts with discovering that strength comes from our weaknesses.

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The Noah’s Ark approach to evangelism


The construction of Noah’s ark is a compelling picture – and one that could describe a common approach for evangelism in today’s world.

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Guarding against evangelism apathy

In the carrying out of the great commission, churches can be a gathering place for believers to receive instruction, encouragement, and fuel to go and make disciples. If not careful, churches can create a “bystander effect” that generates evangelism apathy. Read More

Praise and Proclaim launches outreach initiative in Tucson

Praise and Proclaim Ministries had the privilege of partnering with Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Tucson, AZ to launch an outreach initiative March 16-17. Located north of downtown Tucson, the church is located in a rapidly growing area called Oro Valley. Established in 1974, the church has over 400 baptized members with two worship services on a Sunday morning.  Read More

Praise and Proclaim launches outreach initiative in Lakewood Ranch, FL

In the warmth of the Florida sunshine in early March, Praise and Proclaim Ministries launched an outreach initiative at Risen Savior Lutheran Church in Lakewood Ranch, FL. Located eleven miles northeast of Sarasota and sixty miles south of downtown Tampa Bay, this community is the home of burgeoning growth and private golf clubs along with natural marshlands dotting its landscape. Read More

Praise and Proclaim launches outreach initiative in San Diego

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church and School in La Mesa, CA has been a bright light for the gospel since 1965.

Rev. Aaron Boehm and his family arrived ten years ago from Arizona. His evangelism zeal helped inspire the congregation to plant a multi-church site in El Cajon a few years ago called The Way Lutheran Church. They meet every Sunday morning at the Rancho San Diego public library where approximately 20-30 people gather together for worship. The pastor conducts a morning service in La Mesa then drives twenty minutes to El Cajon to conduct a second service.

Praise and Proclaim Ministries received the blessing to partner with members from both congregations to train them to verbally proclaim the gospel with confidence. Read More