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Praying for the Fruit of Patience in Evangelism

Our human nature has always been impatient. It doesn’t require much effort. That’s why patience is referred to as a virtue or an art form. It takes practice. For evangelism, the fruit of patience is a work of… Read More

An Anecdote for Selfish Ambition in the church

  Ambition can prompt people to succeed in today’s world. The pursuit of power, glory, or to further a cause fuels a person to wholly invest their time and energy into that goal. Is ambition an appropriate term… Read More

Are there only going to be a few people who are saved?

In the ongoing conflict between good and evil, artists and writers attempt to instill the notion that all people are inherently good. When evil rears its ugly head in books and movies, we always root that love and… Read More

The One Key Word that Helps Christians Advance God’s Kingdom

God calls on believers to share the gospel message with others. By faith, believers respond by trusting his message and the power behind the message. To help us, Jesus provides word pictures of the transforming power of his… Read More

Praise and Proclaim Ministries Launches Outreach Initiative in Liberty Hill, TX

Praise and Proclaim Ministries received the privilege of launching an outreach initiative with Peace Lutheran Church in Liberty Hill, TX on April 7-8, 2017. This new mission start is reaching out to the growing community north of Austin…. Read More

Praise and Proclaim Ministries Launches Outreach Initiative in Citrus Heights, CA

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Citrus Heights, CA (Sacramento) recently adopted a new mission statement, “Glorify God. Grow in Grace. Go with the Gospel.” In conjunction with this new mission and vision, the congregation embarked on an outreach… Read More

Report from MissionFest ’17 in Houston

Mission Fest ’17 was held in Houston a week ago. This annual event provides opportunities for teenagers to proclaim the gospel. High school students from Wisconsin and Illinois spent their spring break to travel to Texas exercising their faith,… Read More

Evangelism and Politics

I imagine that if Christ were here today, he would be more concerned about finding lost souls rather than trying to elect public officials, seating the right person on the Supreme Court, or changing public policies.