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A peace surrounding death of a loved one

A friend from church recently died after a short bout with bone cancer. In her last weeks, she put together her own thoughts and her own funeral service of what it means to be in Christ to that… Read More

My problem with distraction

So, what is wrong with me? Why do I have such a difficult time praying longer than two minutes before my mind goes off on one of many distractions that have nothing to do with prayer, devotion, the… Read More

Reading your Bible: 5 Tips on how to cultivate this critical habit

HOW TO READ YOUR BIBLE: Tips for cultivating this critical habit in the Christian life Nothing can really take the place of our own quiet study of God’s Word.  We may measure our growth in grace by the… Read More

A spiritual lesson from gnats and mosquitos

“As we wait in bank lines, fight traffic, and struggle to make it through each day, it’s hard for us to realize that one day we will reign with Christ.”   (Kevin A. Miller) Can you even imagine what… Read More

Divine Interruptions

When you walk in the spirit, you never quite know when a person is going to pick your fruit. In John 15, Christians are called to remain in Christ – to hold on to His promises – to… Read More

Getting through a spiritual desert

When Jesus tells us to pick up the cross and follow me — you never know where that might take you. For many of us, this journey is rarely filled with spiritual highs and mountaintop experiences.  It is… Read More

Lessons we can learn from John the Baptist

I ran across these thoughts from the world re-known theologian A.W. Tozer on the life of John the Baptist and what we can learn from him. We can note first that John the Baptist was not afraid to… Read More

God Hatches Hope Out of Darkness

We sometimes wonder in life’s struggles, tragic events, or troubling news reports from around the country, “Where are you, God?”  This is especially true during challenging circumstances that we face as individuals or even as a country. My… Read More