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How has Jesus become real to you?

I was teaching a Bible class to a group of Chinese college students who were studying about Christ. One evening a lady who had been studying God’s Word for three years asked me a profound question. She was… Read More

The most reasonable thing to do is believe in Christ

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain in what we do not see. Scientific facts rest on evidence. Our human senses grasp the evidence and we come to believe that fact. Faith goes a step further. I… Read More

Why did Jesus have to die for us?

I am not able to adequately explain how Jesus is both God and man to satisfy human reason, nor convince scientifically how His death pardons me. However, in this one act, God redeemed the whole world. God, the perfect Judge,… Read More

How could a loving God torture people in an eternal hell?

The concept of hell is difficult for our human minds to comprehend or understand. Yet, the Bible clearly teaches the existence of a hell as well as the existence of heaven.    Scriptures contain many metaphors that attempt to describe… Read More

Is it true that all people who do not believe in Jesus are destined for hell?

The issue surrounding hell is a very sensitive and emotional topic. Though the Bible is quite clear in the message of salvation, there are some teachings, like the doctrine of hell, that are difficult for our human minds to… Read More

Why do Christians claim the Bible is the only true holy book?

Other religions point to what we can do to achieve inner peace, better our future life or how to please God. It is only the Christian faith that boldly proclaims in the Bible what has already been done for us.

Why are there so many interpretations of the Bible?

Jesus prayed that all believers may be united in the faith. The fact that the body of believers on earth are not united damages the witness to Christ as Savior. The reasons why churches have different interpretations is not the… Read More

If the Bible is inspired by God, why did He allow the church to put it together?

The gospel is the instrument by which God works saving faith in our hearts and empowers us to live out his will and preserve our faith until he calls believers home to heaven.