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Paul’s Secret to be Content in Life

The Apostle Paul had a special relationship with the church in Philippi. He built that church up and many people came to the faith. In this portion of Paul’s letter to the Philippian church, he is acknowledging a… Read More

Guarding our hearts under the protective custody of God’s peace

There is a peace that goes beyond understanding which can invade our hearts and minds with the Holy Spirit. We are encouraged to take the extra effort and time to guard our hearts and mind so we can… Read More

A remedy for those times when we are feeling anxious

Is your life right now characterized as being anxious? I have many positive and fond memories of being a graduate student. My wife and I lived in a small apartment in student housing. I recall enjoying my classes… Read More

Seven reasons why I believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the basis of Christianity. The Apostle Paul stated that if Christ had not been raised from the dead, than all preaching and all teaching of God’s Word would be useless and so… Read More

Being Gentle in a Harsh World

The theme of Paul’s message to the Philippians is to rejoice no matter what. Even in the most difficult situations or challenges in life, the Holy Spirit will grant us an eternal perspective and “rejoice” over any circumstance…. Read More

To Rejoice No Matter What

More often than not, we have great difficulty getting out of bed each morning with a spirit of rejoicing over the new day. Problems confront us. Unpaid bills pile up. Conflicts in relationships. A right spirit and good… Read More

The Apostle Paul’s instruction on how to resolve conflict in the church

When we struggle with problems in our Christian life, when we have challenges interacting with fellow believers, what seems to help is to always have an eternal perspective. Christian believers are both saints and sinners. As saints, we… Read More

Our spiritual home: Where did I put my visa?

We all tend to live out our lives exercising the freedoms of earthly citizenship without giving much thought to the fact that we are all given temporary visas. We live in this world, but we are not really… Read More