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Witness Well

How to transition from being children of the Light to proclaimers of the Truth

  In this dark world, believers are called upon to be lights on a hill – salt of the earth. They are meant to stand out – taste different – and sometimes accept the consequences. Rejection. Retribution. When… Read More

God’s commission for evangelism is sandwiched between a reminder and a promise

When God calls His people to action, he typically begins and ends with a promise. He provides words of assurance that God is God and we are not. He provides words of comfort to calm our fears. He… Read More

God never takes His eye off of you

That is my delightful granddaughter!!  She just turned one-year-old this past February and is a constant curious sharp-as-a-tack toddling ball of energy!  The other day, while fixing a meal in the kitchen, my daughter took her eyes off… Read More

The Kingdom of Heaven is Near

When Jesus sent out his disciples to go door-to-door to proclaim the gospel, He needed the words needed to be simple, powerful, and easy to remember. He told them to proclaim the following message, “The Kingdom of heaven… Read More

3 Ways the Power of Satan Affects the Work of an Evangelist

No unbeliever wants to be a Christian. It’s not just a stubborn refusal to trust in God’s promises [because they are dead in sin], the removal of social barriers, or even the hypocrisy of a church that holds… Read More

Don’t be like “Harold” but be heralds of Good News

When the angels appeared in the night sky to proclaim the good news of Christ’s birth, they provided an example and a clue for all believers on how to be evangelists. All believers, like the angels, are to… Read More

A way to find delight in the fear of evangelism – it comes from an unexpected source

The fear of evangelism is a normal response. Trepidation can typically accompany Jesus’ call to carry out the Great Commission. When a soul’s eternity is at stake, even the most seasoned Christian can succumb to fear when God… Read More

Does our image to the world reflect what God sees?

I stare with wonder into the faces of old family portraits. What was life like in the 19th century? What challenges were they facing that was unique to their time? What joys were they experiencing? I look into… Read More