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How to face our future with eager expectation

The town’s 4th of July parade is marching its way down Main Street. The sirens are blaring, the drums are rolling, and the motorcycles are revving their engines. A young girl with a balloon in her hand is craning her… Read More

A life in Christ is never status quo

An aspect of the Christian life is that one can never be status quo. Our faith is either growing or it is dying. Like a vegetable garden in a dry climate, a person must daily provide water or the garden… Read More

When you feel like you are being benched by God

There must have been times when the Apostle Paul asked, “So, Lord, remind me again. Why am I here in prison? Why am I not out in the world sharing the message of Christ with others?” He must have felt that… Read More

How Apostle Paul’s letter to Philippi still resonates today

The city of Phillipi was located on the far northeast corner of present day Greece. Founded by Philip, father of Alexander the Great in 358 B.C., the city became a very prominent and strategic location due to its… Read More

The mystery in Christmas

The prophet Isaiah made an astounding prophecy. He states, “A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit. The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him…” From the family line of… Read More

The hidden strength of a Christian

We have a tendency to think of the Christian life as being enduring, suffering or exerting great effort. Even though this can be a part of a believer’s life in a sinful world, the Apostle Paul gives us insight… Read More

Encouragement from a weathered man

We live in the age of instant messages. Little bites of information and glib remarks are texted to friends and family. Thirty seconds is the par to capture the attention of consumers. Soundbites on the evening news is all the free attention… Read More

How to be the perfect Proverbs 31 woman

Many standards are offered by the world on how to be the perfect woman.  They include television, movies, magazines, books, billboards, even a husband’s desire. Another standard presented is even more difficult than what the world offers. It is found… Read More