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Witness Well

God’s promises attached to those who share God’s Word

God does wonders with a willing heart. Step by step, hand in hand, God takes people who feel ill-equipped, ill-advised, and ill in the stomach, and moves them to carry out what seems to be the impossible.

“Repentance is a lot like the high jump.”

“I think repentance is a lot like the high jump.” Startled with that statement, I turned my head to see a woman next to me speaking to her husband at a high school track meet. Wearing a BYU jacket… Read More

The Four R’s in sharing God’s Word with Mormon missionaries

I truly believe that Mormon missionaries are reachable! The Holy Spirit can use you to plant the seed of God’s Word in their hearts. In fact, ex-Mormons who became Christian cite the simple witness of a Christian while they were on their missions as an important component of their coming to the true faith.

How life has changed a century ago, yet people are still the same

In the midst of societal and technological change that is occurring now at dizzying speed, the methods of engagement with people still remain the same. People still need people.

The importance of being joyful when sharing God’s Word with others

Love for the subject influences our teaching. And love for people influences our witnessing.

Sharing God’s Word when Mormon missionaries appear at your door

Instead of remaining silent, Christians can respond with love and zeal at those golden opportunities when the doorbell rings and Mormon missionaries appear at our doorstep. Instead of “Oh, no!” it is my prayer that Christians will immediately think, “Oh, yes! Thank you, Lord!”

Port Orchard, the Narrows Bridge, and meeting Mormon missionaries at your door

I love bridges! The Narrows Bridge which connects Tacoma, Washington to the Kitsap peninsula has a long history. It originally opened in 1940 and received the nickname “Galloping Gertie” then collapsed four months later when high winds whistling… Read More

Does being a Christian mean you always have to be nice?

What is interesting is that Jesus never suggested that the essence of Christianity means that you have to be nice or tolerant to people. Jesus Christ himself provides a good example. On one hand, he is approachable, forgiving, and loving. On the other hand, he had a tendency to offend and upset people.