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Witness Well

Faith in Christ is not about doing, but trusting in what has already been done

There was a retired man who asked once about his prospects of going to heaven. He felt his prospects were slim and was resigned to going to hell. He said, “You don’t know some of the terrible things… Read More

The road to heaven: Take No Detours

Many promises about heaven are given by Christ in the New Testament.  While on the cross, a criminal being crucified next to him receives the promise from Jesus, “I tell you the truth, today you will be with… Read More

All Human Life is Valuable

Can you imagine what life would be like of the Allies had the lost World War II? The eugenic movement was alive and well — a movement toward selective breeding of humans. It is a movement that believes… Read More

“Disappointment — His Appointment”

I came across this poem the other day from Annie Johnson Flint.  For those who may be struggling with a recent disappointment, I think you may find this very meaningful. “Disappointment–His appointment,” Change one letter, then I see… Read More

Father forgive us when we despise our salvation

The Israelites were resting on the promise of a Messiah, and when presented with the true Savior, they not only rejected the Son of God, but despised him – sending Jesus to die a grisly death on the… Read More

Reflections on being a radio host

At the end of March, I was given notice that my journey as host of a daily, live Christian radio program called Treasure Valley Spotlight was coming to an end .And what a ride it was! Through twists… Read More

A Letter of Recommendation from God

You are looking for a job and you need an outstanding letter of recommendation to give you an edge over the other applicants. Waiting for the letter, what type of words and phrases would you like see in… Read More

The Biblical Concept of Adoption

The use of the term adoption evokes a more personal touch in addition to its strong legal connotation. There is the legal finality in association with belonging to a family — or using the adoption theme — given… Read More