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Witness Well

Three reasons why proclaiming the gospel to friends and strangers is so terrifying for Christians

When angels spoke to people in the Bible their first words were usually, “Do not be afraid!” When Jesus sent out his disciples (Matthew 10) to the towns and villages to proclaim His name, he only gave them… Read More

Praise and Proclaim Ministries launches campaign in Tyler, Texas

Praise and Proclaim Ministries gave thanks to the Lord for the opportunity to come to east Texas and launch another outreach campaign. Rev. Daniel Schmidt extended an invitation for us to come and help start a brand new… Read More

How to transition from being children of the Light to proclaimers of the Truth

  In this dark world, believers are called upon to be lights on a hill – salt of the earth. They are meant to stand out – taste different – and sometimes accept the consequences. Rejection. Retribution. When… Read More

Does our image to the world reflect what God sees?

I stare with wonder into the faces of old family portraits. What was life like in the 19th century? What challenges were they facing that was unique to their time? What joys were they experiencing? I look into… Read More

As a child grabs a mother’s face, God lovingly grabs our attention

As a child grabs her mom’s face and turns it toward herself to get her mom’s attention, sometimes God grabs our face through people, circumstances, or events and turns it towards Him – to focus on what He… Read More

Preparing Our Hearts for Christmas: The Word works

Words are important. They convey feelings, opinions, and facts. Words are powerful. They hurt, implore, and inspire. Out of love, God sent His Word to bring salvation. The Word became flesh so that we may receive the Truth… Read More

More Thoughts on Sharing the Gospel — when you feel like a loser

Our good intentions to share God’s Word can seem like a series of lop-sided defeats instead of inspiring victories — especially when fear stops us from saying anything at all. How do I overcome feeling like a loser… Read More

Thoughts on sharing the Gospel — when you feel like a loser

When Christ commissions those who trust in Him to go and share the message of salvation, the world can appear as mountain peaks that are too insurmountable to climb. Our good intentions to serve God and be evangelists… Read More