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Witness Well

“You did what?”

“You did what?”  I asked my husband. He had been out walking and had met two Mormon Sister Missionaries. He’d invited them to come and talk with us about the LDS faith. “Don’t worry,” he said, “You just… Read More

Out of Our Comfort Zone

“Sharing God’s Word with Mormon missionaries was completely out of my comfort zone.” When Melissa attended a seminar, “Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons” conducted by Truth in Love Ministry, she left both encouraged and intrigued. After… Read More

How Mormon missionaries are providing Christians new opportunities to share God’s Word

“So, why did you become missionaries?” I asked my two Mormon missionaries who came to our house recently. “It was something I felt I needed to do, plus I couldn’t find a job after high school,” replied the… Read More

Does an evil spirit know your name?

Fear is a common denominator that prohibits a Christian from sharing the good news of free salvation in Christ. When examined, fears usually come from the result of being inward-focused instead of outward-driven. We tend to think inwardly,… Read More

Three important steps to begin sharing God’s Word with Mormons

God plants the desire in every Christian heart to share the good news of salvation with others. Quite often, we just don’t know where to begin. This can be especially true if we have been blessed with Mormon friends… Read More

Four key discoveries in overcoming fear in evangelism

Chuckling in your face. Wincing in disapproval. Polite smiles with a faraway look in their eyes. God’s Word has that effect on people. Negative reactions received when placing ourselves on a limb can cause us to think twice… Read More

Installing anti-virus programs into your spiritual life

In the vast interiors of China, generations of peasant farmers work their fields to eke out a living. They long for an easier life. Dreams for their children’s prospects dissipate with each passing harvest. One day, a man… Read More

What prompts a Christian’s obedience that is God pleasing?

The Bible is not about commands to be followed, but the lengths our Heavenly Father went to rescue us from ourselves.