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Witness Well

Uncovering the measuring stick for eternal life

He was a man of authority and a leader in his community. Blessed with great wealth, he was well-known for his community service and strong character. But secretly, he had a problem that nagged him for years. His… Read More

Three short tips on sharing God’s Word with a friend or neighbor

Here are three tips on how to share God’s Word with a friend or neighbor:   There is power in prayer  Remember where the power and the strength lies in sharing God’s Word. Too often we tend to… Read More

A life of service begins at Jesus’ feet

Misplaced sacrifice breeds a heart of discontent. Jesus reminded Martha that truth and happiness rests in His life and the work he was about to do, not in something she was able to carry out on her own…. Read More

Exchanging Concerns of the World for Concerns of Christ

In Thornton Wilder’s play, “Our Town,” Emily Wilder asks a poignant question. “Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it — every, every moment?” Granted an opportunity after her untimely death to revisit her past,… Read More

A story of grace extended through unsuspecting hands

The big night arrived and I was shocked to see a familiar face in the back row. Always prim and proper, there sat Grandma Hawes with her familiar shock of white hair. She actually accepted my invitation and was probably more shocked than I that she drove to my recital and was sitting in a small padded pew. It was the first time in over fifty years that she had stepped inside a church.

Are you passing God’s test for eternal life in heaven?

A loving God desires that His creation to be at peace. In that peace, comes joy, confidence and assurance of his approval. It’s a plan that defies human reason and required a great sacrifice. This plan not only identifies man’s purpose in this mortal life, but will insure that God will remember you on Judgment Day.

Reasons why God chooses to provide a miracle or not

And it seems that the Lord gathers an audience when he allows difficult circumstances in our life. Connections are made. A bridge is crossed. And we are asked how can we receive such confidence in Christ our Redeemer.

If Jesus Christ hired a PR firm, what would they tell him to do?

Can you imagine the scene if Jesus would have arrived in today’s world? An international media frenzy would gather at the shores of Lake Galilee waiting for Jesus and his band of follower to come ashore. Microphones thrust… Read More