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Witness Well

The Old Father and his Lawn

How do believers become inspired to proclaim the gospel? Since evangelism is not a requirement for heaven, nor a means to seek God’s approval. What does it take for Christians to share the Good News with others? A… Read More

Two Different Ways to Look at the Great Commission

The rescue of a prisoner of war camp and the act of doing a favor provide examples of how Christians can look at the great commission.

Confessions of a Sinful Evangelist

Is failing to proclaim the gospel a sin? If a Christian does not attempt to fulfill the Great Commission… is that a sin? These thoughts have gnawed at my conscience. Layers of guilt tend to pile up over… Read More

Being a Light Depends on How we Listen

The Light of the world became flesh and the angels made his presence known. The Light lived, died on our behalf, and rose again. That Light is the Word — the Word made flesh — the Word that… Read More

Making a Difference by Using God’s Authority

In the Great Commission, Jesus tells us to go and make disciples of all nations. It is not so much of a command than a declaration. “Go!” — because I’m asking you. “Make Disciples!” — for that is… Read More

A Commission to Rescue

The war was beginning to wind down. Advances by the Allied forces were being made deep into enemy territory. Victory was assured. A young lieutenant received orders from his commanding officer to go and take his unit to… Read More

How God uniquely asks you for a favor in sharing God’s Word

One of the primary responsibilities that God gives the Church is to make disciples from all nations. This responsibility is carried out by sharing God’s Word and baptizing those who come to faith. Carrying out this commission is… Read More

Four comforting promises when sharing God’s Word

God created the heart to pump life into our body. He created the fingers to feel and to explore.  He created the eyes to survey and behold. There is one small part of the body God created to be… Read More