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Witness Well

How evangelism rests on trust and what you possess

A pastor at a recent mission conference stood up and made a startling statement. He no longer uses the word “faith” when he is talking to people about believing in Christ. The word no longer has the same… Read More

Is being a humanitarian enough to convey the full love of Christ?

What is the greatest definition of love that God calls on all Christians to freely give? He gave us the perfect example.

As a child grabs a mother’s face, God lovingly grabs our attention

As a child grabs her mom’s face and turns it toward herself to get her mom’s attention, sometimes God grabs our face through people, circumstances, or events and turns it towards Him – to focus on what He… Read More

Shining Our Light When We Are Feeling Dim

The Light of this world came upon the darkness of this earth to make His glory known. He was the light of the promised Messiah which was foretold, “the people living in darkness have seen a great light.”… Read More


Preparing Our Hearts for Christmas: The Word Entrusts

Before time began… was the Word. And the Word became the Light… and made his dwelling among us. The Word remains today… so that all may believe. It is the Word we celebrate every Christmas – there, wrapped… Read More

Thoughts on sharing the Gospel — when you feel like a loser

When Christ commissions those who trust in Him to go and share the message of salvation, the world can appear as mountain peaks that are too insurmountable to climb. Our good intentions to serve God and be evangelists… Read More

Praise and Proclaim Ministries teaches Christians the joy of sowing God’s Word

Ambassadors for Christ deliver a message of reconciliation to all people. The message centers on what Christ has already done for us on the cross. It is a proclamation of victory! The Lord commissions believers in Christ to… Read More

How the Awe of God Draws us to Proclaim His Name

I downloaded a star chart on my tablet this week. It maps the stars and solar systems at the precise moment when they appear over my house. Like a seasoned stargazer familiar with the evening skies, the program… Read More