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Witness Well

A prayer to relinquish liberty to win people for Christ

A Christian calls themselves a servant for the Lord, but what about being a slave? The Apostle Paul considered himself a slave, but not to the Lord as his Master, but a slave to everyone. He did so for one… Read More

The inward mark of a true Christian believer is a circumcised heart

The visible signs of a Christian in today’s world are found not only in their confession of faith and their outward actions. Faith without works is a faith that is dead. When Christians convey the fruits of the spirit, they… Read More

A prayer to open our eyes for opportunities to witness

When opportunities come knocking on our door it always seems to be the wrong place and the wrong time to share God’s Word. Timing is important, but maybe we analyze and discern the receptivity of one’s heart too much… Read More

A prayer of encouragement in sharing God’s Word against stubborn unbelief

A soldier going into battle recognizes the importance of having an effective weapon. In confronting the enemy, a poorly equipped solider will have little chance of victory. For Christians, what weapon are you using to confront the world?… Read More

A prayer for patience when sharing God’s Word with others

When we share the message of the gospel, we hope and pray for an immediate conversion. We conjure up in our minds a wonderful scenario of a person, perhaps a loved one, joyfully receiving salvation and life everlasting. When those… Read More

Why does God tell us to work out our salvation with fear?

As a result of what Christ has done for us, Paul wants all believers to continue in the faith and carry out God’s purpose for each of our lives. “Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed… Read More

A prayer to receive an adventure from God

Only eleven disciples remained. Fearful, doubtful, perhaps still in awe over witnessing the resurrected Christ standing before them. Yet, with perhaps a knowing glint in his eyes, Jesus is going to challenge them far beyond their capabilities. He is going bring… Read More

A prayer on how to persuade people to hear the gospel

The host was tired of excuses. His desire was to have a room full of people enjoying a delicious and festive banquet. Instead, the people he invited chose not to come. The excuses were both lame and hurtful…. Read More