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Conquering Fear in Evangelism by Trusting God’s Promise

“The Lord is with you, mighty warrior!” (Judges 6:12) These words are a declaration – a promise – that God set apart one man to carry out an important task – one that he could never do on… Read More

Teachable lesson from a rude neighbor

We were having a string of many days of temperatures over 100 degrees. The only time to take our dog out for a walk is in the earlier morning before the temps get too warm. I have been… Read More

Final Day: Review of 2015 Utah Campaign

While walking the streets of Provo with the Wasatch Mountains and the LDS Provo temple in the background, I review the two weeks of leading Christian missionaries in going door-to-door and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Day Ten: Mission to Utah

For the past two weeks, I have had the privilege of leading, encouraging and equipping Christians to go door-to-door and share God’s Word in Provo and American Fork, Utah. They have faithfully responded God’s call to sow the… Read More

Day Nine: Mission to Utah Video Journal

What is it like going door-to-door in Provo, Utah and introducing people to the true gospel of Jesus Christ? The following is a brief review of the day.

Day Eight: Mission to Utah Video Journal

Day Seven: Mission to Utah Video Journal

Day Six: Mission to Utah Video Journal