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Final Day: Review of 2015 Utah Campaign

While walking the streets of Provo with the Wasatch Mountains and the LDS Provo temple in the background, I review the two weeks of leading Christian missionaries in going door-to-door and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Day Ten: Mission to Utah

For the past two weeks, I have had the privilege of leading, encouraging and equipping Christians to go door-to-door and share God’s Word in Provo and American Fork, Utah. They have faithfully responded God’s call to sow the… Read More

Day Seven: Mission to Utah Video Journal

Day Six: Mission to Utah Video Journal

Mission to Utah Video Journal Day Five

Mission to Utah Video Journal Day Four

Mission to Utah video journal Day One

How Evangelism Means Minding Our Own Business

In the business of sharing God’s Word with others, it’s helpful to remember that we Christians need to mind our own business.

Sharing the Message of the Cross

Good Friday is an opportunity for Christians to reflect on Jesus’ suffering and death, His sacrifice and our redemption. We focus on the cross because it is God’s answer to our sin. In Christ alone, our sins are… Read More

How to be confident in our faith to proclaim it to others

If you appeared before the throne of God today, how confident will you be?