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A young father’s battle against temptation

The Bible becomes a gold mine for fathers who hope to find glistening nuggets of inspiration and wisdom.  At the same time, today’s fathers are also looking for role models and sadly, we really don’t find too many… Read More

More Famous Fathers of the Old Testament

We have seen so far how favoritism from Isaac and Jacob wrecked havoc on families and how David failed to interfere with his sons when they needed discipline and correction.  By not interfering, David sowed the field for… Read More

More Famous Fathers of the Old Testament

Favoritism turns out to be a common theme in the Old Testament, especially in the lives of Isaac and Jacob. Isaac had twin sons named Jacob, the younger, and Esau, his favorite.  Esau was a man’s man, a… Read More

Famous Fathers of the Old Testament

A gold mine of truth and wisdom is at our fingertips for those willing to search.  Precious nuggets of comfort or direction can be readily found in the Bible and directly applied to our present needs.  God’s Word… Read More

Why didn’t God answer my prayer and save my wife from cancer?

 The heartbreaks of life cause us to ask the deepest of questions. A young man is sitting across from me with pain etched deeply in his face.  Only a few weeks ago he stood by an open grave… Read More

A spiritual lesson from gnats and mosquitos

“As we wait in bank lines, fight traffic, and struggle to make it through each day, it’s hard for us to realize that one day we will reign with Christ.”   (Kevin A. Miller) Can you even imagine what… Read More

Lessons we can learn from John the Baptist

I ran across these thoughts from the world re-known theologian A.W. Tozer on the life of John the Baptist and what we can learn from him. We can note first that John the Baptist was not afraid to… Read More

God Hatches Hope Out of Darkness

We sometimes wonder in life’s struggles, tragic events, or troubling news reports from around the country, “Where are you, God?”  This is especially true during challenging circumstances that we face as individuals or even as a country. My… Read More