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Witness Well

To be an Oak of Righteousness

Like seeds of oaks planted in Boise, which were unnatural to the area, they still took root and grew into splendid, mature trees. Through God’s Word, seeds of faith were planted into mortal hearts that were unnatural and dying in this world.

The importance of being joyful when sharing God’s Word with others

Love for the subject influences our teaching. And love for people influences our witnessing.

Sharing God’s Word when Mormon missionaries appear at your door

Instead of remaining silent, Christians can respond with love and zeal at those golden opportunities when the doorbell rings and Mormon missionaries appear at our doorstep. Instead of “Oh, no!” it is my prayer that Christians will immediately think, “Oh, yes! Thank you, Lord!”

Port Orchard, the Narrows Bridge, and meeting Mormon missionaries at your door

I love bridges! The Narrows Bridge which connects Tacoma, Washington to the Kitsap peninsula has a long history. It originally opened in 1940 and received the nickname “Galloping Gertie” then collapsed four months later when high winds whistling… Read More

“It’s getting a little lumpy out there!”

The more I try to make sense of my Christian faith the more I come to realize that is less “I am” and more “He is.” Storms in life do that. They make us realize that we are really not in total control and storms will happen whether we like it or not. It’s just a matter of how we will respond.

The Importance of Being Sincere in Sharing God’s Word

Sincerity could even be considered a fruit of the Spirit that can only be a result of remaining in Christ. It’s a natural outpouring of our trust in God’s promises.

Be trustworthy in sharing God’s Word with others

Building trust with a person is like building a bridge. It takes time and a stable design. One error in design or construction can cause the entire bridge to collapse. God’s Word gives a blueprint, Christ provides us with a perfect example, and the Holy Spirit empowers us with strength that is rooted in perfect love. Christians speak the truth in love by taking time to build trust with a person. By conveying love with the fruits of gentleness, patience, and self-control, we build a bridge that a person feels safe enough to cross and discover more about the real gospel of Jesus Christ.

The story of Joe: Witnessing a miracle of coming to faith

The power of God’s Word is the source for miracles to happen. One of the greatest miracles is when a soul dead in sin comes alive in faith. They receive the promises God has given in Christ and their life radiates the peace and joy of being a new creation. Though its only through the power of God’s Word that a person comes to faith, God uses messengers to transmit it. This was the case with my friend, Mark, who recently had the opportunity to share the gospel and witnessed an amazing miracle.