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Witness Well

A Miracle of Faith: Susan’s to full forgiveness in Christ

Determined to become a worthy Mormon, Susan carried out her part by being the perfect housewife, the perfect mother, fulfilling all her callings in the church, and having many babies. Exhaustion and feelings of being overwhelmed were her constant companions. She strove to become perfect, but knew she fell far short. Guilt plagued her life. Mormonism to her was like a demanding parent, she never felt like she was doing enough to receive its approval.

Touring through Houston and San Antonio

Upon arriving late into the night in San Antonio, Texas, I woke up early on Sunday morning to make the drive on I-10 to Houston. With minimal traffic on the freeway, I was able to watch the darkness… Read More

A Prayer for Unanswered Prayer

As I pray for a person’s soul – his or her very eternal soul – I can easily get frustrated and wonder, “What is taking so long, Lord! Why isn’t the seed of faith germinating and growing? I know You died for this person, too, and want them in heaven with You also!” Then I remember that Jesus says that He stands at the doors of our hearts knocking – He doesn’t do a forced entry, He doesn’t bully His way in to anybody’s life.

God’s promises attached to those who share God’s Word

God does wonders with a willing heart. Step by step, hand in hand, God takes people who feel ill-equipped, ill-advised, and ill in the stomach, and moves them to carry out what seems to be the impossible.

“Repentance is a lot like the high jump.”

“I think repentance is a lot like the high jump.” Startled with that statement, I turned my head to see a woman next to me speaking to her husband at a high school track meet. Wearing a BYU jacket… Read More

The Four R’s in sharing God’s Word with Mormon missionaries

I truly believe that Mormon missionaries are reachable! The Holy Spirit can use you to plant the seed of God’s Word in their hearts. In fact, ex-Mormons who became Christian cite the simple witness of a Christian while they were on their missions as an important component of their coming to the true faith.

How life has changed a century ago, yet people are still the same

In the midst of societal and technological change that is occurring now at dizzying speed, the methods of engagement with people still remain the same. People still need people.

To be an Oak of Righteousness

Like seeds of oaks planted in Boise, which were unnatural to the area, they still took root and grew into splendid, mature trees. Through God’s Word, seeds of faith were planted into mortal hearts that were unnatural and dying in this world.