Why would God allow Himself to suffer for creatures as insignificant as us?

Our society has a tendency to make the assumption that small is unimportant. We assume that if we are “small” in comparison to the universe, than we simply can’t be important in the spiritual things. God’s love for us is all the more magnified precisely because we are so small. 

God is not only a personal Lord, he is also personally interested in us. We must remember that God, our Creator, is the definition of what it is to be perfect. Nothing can be above him. The fact that we have moral convictions, love, and reason did not come by “accident”. Our imperfect personal characteristics are mere shadows of the existence of a perfect personal being. If we imperfect beings are morally outraged at all the injustices of the world, would not God be infinitely more outraged? Is he not more loving, more knowing, more caring than us? The enormity of the cosmos and our smallness in relation to it would only present a problem for God’s love and care if he were not behind the whole thing! 

His love and care for his creation is inexhaustible, so there is plenty left over for us “small” human beings. It is impossible, then, to say that God, our Creator, doesn’t personally care for us. 

What does this mean for us?  It means that God knows us perfectly, better than we know ourselves. He loves us perfectly, more than we love ourselves.  God cares about our suffering perfectly, more than we care about them ourselves.

So, what is God’s purpose?  What does he want from us?  He wants to reveal himself to us and desires a relationship with us through Jesus Christ. 

If God is the one perfect, loving, caring being, then it is safe to say that he would do everything possible to bring about the greatest possible good for his creatures. Anything less would be less than perfect. And Jesus Christ reveals that this is exactly what God did!  God himself became a man, one of us, and suffered a horrible death on the cross in order to rectify all we humans have inflicted on ourselves.He has done and is doing everything possible to have us humans be eternally with him.  

** This question and answer was inspired from the book, “Letters from a Skeptic” by Dr. Gregory A Boyd and Edward K. Boyd, Chariot Victor Publishing, 1994.   

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