How has Jesus become real to you?

I was teaching a Bible class to a group of Chinese college students who were studying about Christ. One evening a lady who had been studying God’s Word for three years asked me a profound question. She was quite hesitant to place her faith in the risen Christ, yet loved studying the Bible. With an intense, searching look in her eyes she asked, “How has Jesus become real to you?”

I shared with her that the Bible says, “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” To demonstrate what I meant, I asked her to stand up. I carefully tied a blindfold around her eyes. While she was standing, I carefully and quietly placed a chair directly behind her. I told her, “There is a chair directly behind you, the same chair I have been using. You know this chair is sturdy because you saw me sit in it. As a result, you are confident that this same chair will easily hold you when you sit down. In fact, members of this class will be my witnesses in that there is indeed a chair directly behind you despite the fact that you can’t see it or feel it. Furthermore, there is a book that has been around for several thousand years that says, ‘Believe me!’ I am going to ask you to sit down in the chair while blindfolded. Furthermore, I will even hold my hands out in front of you to grasp onto while you sit. Believe me. There is a chair behind you.” She nervously considered my invitation and with great trepidation, she grabbed my hand and sat in the chair.

Taking her blindfold off I asked, “What do you see?” “A chair,” she replied. “That is an example of faith,” I replied. “It is surrendering to what we do not see or feel. Our eyes cannot see Jesus, like you can see me now, but God has given us another pair of eyes that is located in our heart. Only God, through his Word, can open those eyes so we can see Jesus for who He really is; our Savior. In fact, God’s hands are always there leading and guiding us.” One month later, the Chinese lady was baptized along with her young daughter and her life hasn’t been the same since.

How has Jesus become real to me? Friends in college shared the same truths of the Gospel with me. The Lord opened my eyes and I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior. The funny thing is that I never even knew I was spiritually blind in the first place. I can also say my life has not been the same since. Jesus is real to me because I have more peace than anxiety. More hope than hopelessness. I laugh more and even cry more than I did before. I have forgiven rather than cultivate bitterness, because Christ has forgiven me. As my relationship has grown with Jesus, so have my trust, hope and confidence. I know my future is certain. Jesus is real. He is the Savior. He loves us just as we are and desires for all of us to come to Him.  Trust Jesus and believe.

3 Comments on “How has Jesus become real to you?

  1. But how does this answer the question?

    I agree – faith is a wonderful thing…but I think it is more abut the Love and Relationship. Jesus died for our sins, so we could be free to live.

    Jesus is real to me, because I don’t have to worry about sins and can be free to live a loving life with God and show others how he can be forgiving and loving to all through my actions.

  2. Merganzerman: this is one of your best – I copied it with the intent of using it when the occasion comes, as I’m sure it will. Faith is an activity, not a “thing”. Most of our life is lived on the basis of what we believe – even going to the store to by groceries. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for your comments and encouragement.

    Jesus died for my sins, not necessarily so I can live, but so I can live eternally with God. Now, I am free to live a life with thanksgiving for God’s amazing love. That’s living!!

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