Is your mind at rest one way to test your relationship with God?

“Where does your mind go when it’s at rest? That’s a good test of your relationship with God.”  (Paul Rank)

My time of prayer and devotion in the morning must be purposeful or I will fall victim to a wandering mind. Its frustrating. My mind floats away at any slight wind of thought that takes me away on a journey that has little to do with what I read in God’s Word. Is my wandering mind syndrome a true test of my relationship with God? Perhaps its enough of a problem to give it consideration.

There are times in my morning prayer and personal study when I notice a flow of devotion of praise. This occurs more often after a time of purposeful thinking. There are also times when I go on a walk or drive the car and spend that time in prayer and thoughts of thanksgiving. I wished that occurred more often than it does. Instead, my thoughts go to daydreaming or the upcoming college football game.

I’m not sure that my thoughts during times of rest is necessarily a good test of my relationship with God. Everybody battles daily with worry, anxiety, daydreaming, etc… whether their mind is active or at rest. You don’t read in the Bible that inner thoughts are a fruit of the Spirit. I believe the greatest test of our relationship with God is in our actions. Are we exhibiting the fruit of Christ and giving evidence of the fact that Christ dwells within us?  That ought to be the question if we desire to test our relationship with God. Does our actions coincide with our confession?

In the meantime, we can certainly counter-attack our thought life through persistent prayer, Scripture memorization, the singing of hymns or praise songs, the listening of quality radio programs, etc…  But, let’s be certain of this very important truth — God looks upon us as being holy and righteous in His sight because of what Christ has done for us. Our relationship with Christ is secure because of Jesus.

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