A prayer to overcome fear in sharing God’s Word with others

The prospect of sharing God’s Word with others does cause fear and panic for many Christians. The thoughts of  “What do I say?” or “What if I say something wrong?” plants the seeds of inactivity in our fertile minds.

The words of Jesus confronts our fears with a simple statement, “Don’t worry!” 

When the disciples gathered around Jesus they, too, were filled with fear by the prospect of sharing that Jesus is the Christ. Knowing His disciples will be placed in difficult situations, Jesus tells them… “make up your mind not to worry beforehand how you will defend yourselves. For I will give you words and wisdom…”

It is true that we need to prepare ourselves to give an answer to the hope we have in Christ, but we forget about the unique partnership we have by being “in Christ.” It was the power of the Holy Spirit that emboldened the disciples and its the same power Christians can have to be willing and able messengers — even in the most uncomfortable of settings. By sharing God’s Word, it really isn’t us speaking, but the Holy Spirit through us. We are the speaker, but it’s Christ who holds the microphone in his hand. 

We can pray, “Oh, Lord! Help me get it through my head and heart that I don’t need to know everything to share what I do know with others. When I am stumped, drive me back to Your Word for answers, either by myself or together with the other person. Help me to trust in Your Word and Your love to do the work. Help me take the focus off me and my inadequacies and on to You and Your Spirit. Thanks for being there for me!  Amen.”

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