What does Jesus’ death and resurrection mean for us?

Understanding the resurrection of Jesus Christ goes way beyond human reason.

When a person dies they stay dead, right? There are skeptics who deny the resurrection as a historical fact. Or, there are those who accept the resurrection as true, but find no personal significance to their lives. Yet, the resurrection of Christ still remains the essence of the Christian faith. 

The historical evidence surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is very strong. Alternative explanations simply do not make sense. For instance, Roman guards were posted to protect the tomb from robbers. If the body of Jesus were stolen, the guards would have been punished with their lives. After his resurrection, Jesus appears to hundreds of witnesses. His appearances occurred over a period of time and to groups of people, thereby eliminating the hallucination theory. 

But how does this explain the empty tomb? How does one contrive a death on the cross and the resurrection? Finally, how does this explain the disciples’ sudden transformation from frightened men to bold preachers?

The question remains, “Why?”

The significance of Jesus’ resurrection is that it’s the first illustration of what humans are going to be and what God intends them to be. 

Jesus Christ is the first true, eternal human being. He is the first butterfly to come out of its cocoon. In a way, Jesus is the first “zygote”, a cell formed by the union of two sexual cells, to go full term and become a newborn baby. If we had never seen a newborn baby, we would have a serious problem believing that a zygote we see under a microscope will someday become a human baby. Yet, it happens every day! It has become an ordinary event! Is the resurrection of Jesus any different or more miraculous than the miracle of birth?

The resurrection certainly seems extraordinary right now, but soon, very soon, it will be the universal rule. We are all destined to be resurrected on the last day, but not all will be resurrected to the eternal life in heaven that God has always intended for us. Scripture makes it very clear that many people will be denied entrance to heaven on the day of judgement. Those who do not believe in Jesus will be resurrected and then condemned to an eternal life in hell. 

To be “born again” both now and in eternity with God, means to trust in the means of birth provided only by God. The only umbilical cord we have with God is through Jesus Christ. When we cut ourselves off from this lifeline, by rejecting Christ, we cause ourselves to be aborted from God’s plan for us. We become refuse and destined to eternal torment and anguish in hell.

I urge you to not cut yourself off from Jesus Christ. All that you were meant to be, all the longings of your heart, your need for love, hope, significance, and happiness is fulfilled in a relationship with God through Christ. You were created for this. God wants it for you! He suffered death on the cross so you might live!

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