A prayer on how to be an effective spokesman for God

Sometimes, words get stuck at the end of our tongue and we just can’t quite grasp a hold of it to share.  It is during these times that we wish we had a spokesman to speak for us.  Christians do have a spokesman and something we will investigate further as we continue our series, “Prayers of a Mission Minded Christian.”


The beautifully crafted words found in the psalms did not come as a result of King David’s superior talents or knowledge, but were received from the Holy Spirit.  During his last days on earth, David testifies, “The Spirit of the LORD spoke through me; his word was on my tongue.”    


The Lord chose David to speak for God and to lead His people.  Even though the words came from David’s mouth or pen, it was the Lord who was the spokesman by giving the words for David to proclaim.  They were a powerful message for God’s people in ancient times and still serve us today.  God has chosen us to be a spokesman and He will supply the words on our tongue.  We can trust the power of God’s Word to do the work in people’s hearts and that God, in His wisdom, uses our tongues to speak the truth.

messenger dog during World War I

Messenger dog during World War I from National Library of Scotland


We can pray, “Lord, Jesus.  Thank you for reminding me about the power of Your Word – that it is filled with Your Spirit.  So often I feel weak and inadequate – and that I am on my own.  But Lord, You are with me.  You are in me.  I have Your Word.  Where I am weak, You are strong!   Let Your power speak through me!  Amen.”



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