A prayer to relinquish liberty to win people for Christ

A Christian calls themselves a servant for the Lord, but what about being a slave? The Apostle Paul considered himself a slave, but not to the Lord as his Master, but a slave to everyone. He did so for one very important reason.

Paul was willing to sacrifice his freedom for the sake of others in order to bring them to faith in Christ.  We read in 1 Corinthians, “Though I am free and belong to no man, I make myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible.”


“People are People” by Ed McGowan (Flickr)

A slave means a loss of freedom – meaning you are no longer your own, but the property of another. To willingly become a slave for Christ means you are ready to relinquish your rights and your liberty for a greater purpose.

With a thankful heart, we can make ourselves a slave to everyone by being sensitive to the customs, the culture and the feelings of others. This doesn’t mean we compromise our beliefs and behaviors governed by God’s Word, but we can be flexible and adaptable in our approach. The over-riding purpose is to bring as many people as possible to heaven – even if it means relinquishing our liberty we have in Christ.

We can pray, “Lord, help me step out of my comfort zone and reach out to others the way they are accustomed, the way they will feel most comfortable. Help me love others by serving them and putting their needs above my comfort zones. I want others to come to know You, Jesus. Make me uncomfortable for Your glory!  I don’t go beyond being a servant, Lord, but a slave for You.  Amen.”

6 Comments on “A prayer to relinquish liberty to win people for Christ

  1. I came to your web site just to see a scripture but I left with an awesome word. Brother I pray you just keep on keeping on. To be a slave for Christ surpasses all the riches we can gain while on this earth. While we find it so hard to give up ourselves so that others might come to know Jesus through us, we need to start reevaluating the way we look at the mighty Word of God. Do we think that these commands of being humble, meek, loving others and compassionate are only for the leaders of the church. We have to live by example. We must become the examples of what it is to die to yourself and to live in Christ. Bless your ministry.

  2. Thanks for coming to the website Adriane and leaving a note of great encouragement. God Bless

  3. It is just awesome how God used you to bring forth his will on how Christians should carry out our earthly duties that will bring Him honor.

    I say WOW! May God forever bless and keep you and your ministry is my prayer.


  4. I think this is a great word.
    Through some scheduling errors, I will be running our childrens ministry for several weeks in a row, and this week will miss out on a visiting minister known for speaking powerful words of prophecy. I was feeling kind of taken advantage of and half feeling like just putting a dvd on for the kids (because I think the service may go on for a few hours…) But after stumbling upon this page, I’ve got it all back into perspective! All the adults attending the service already know Jesus, and will no doubt have a great time worshipping Him, but I have the beautiful opportunity to share with these kids about Jesus, and I will happily relinquish all rights and liberties to be able to do that.
    🙂 good word. thanks.

    • Thanks Kylie for the comment.

      I need to be reminded daily that I’m not here to be served, but to serve. Thankfully, the Lord has unique ways of humbling me in order for that thought to be pounded and ingrained into my Spirit. Thanks for the words shared — they were a source of encouragement for all of us.

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