A Prayer for Mission Minded Christians

Our love for Christ is often reflected in the concern we have for other people.

A person’s physical well-being is important, but an even greater concern ought to be for their spiritual well-being. Jesus expresses this same concern in the parable of the lost sheep.

Jesus gives an example of the length he will go to find one lost sheep due to the imminent danger of being away from his fold. His deep concern is expressed when he say, “In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost.”

Shepherd by Irene Becker

Shepherd by Irene Becker

Our faith in Christ prompts us to help young believers mature in the faith. The care and worries of the world can easily choke off necessary growth. Also, great attention is needed for those who have come to the Christian faith after being misled from false teachings of non-Christian religions.

We can go the Lord and pray, “Lord, even we Christians are not immune to straying – whether it be new believers, weak believers, or even strong believers. When I see a fellow believer stray, help me be like You, Lord – reaching out with love and care, not condemnation. Give me discernment in situations when to snatch firmly and when to gently guide back. Oh Lord, what a flock we are! May your hand always keep us in the fold as we continue to follow You as our Shepherd.”  Amen.

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