Reflections on being a radio host

At the end of March, I was given notice that my journey as host of a daily, live Christian radio program called Treasure Valley Spotlight was coming to an end .And what a ride it was! Through twists and turns, a few spills and surprises, it was a remarkable journey– a gracious gift from God to which I will not soon forget.

Though I had no prior radio experience, the owner of Inspirational Family Radio (KBXL 94.1fm) Lee Schafer, approached me with an amazing opportunity. He sat me down, and with his deep, baritone voice, asked me to organize, launch and host a live and local radio program on his station. For over twenty-five years, Lee had been the owner of this Christian station and had always dreamed of launching a locally produced live program. He felt this was the time and I was to be that person.

On the afternoon of August 25th, after several months of preparation and fervent prayer, Treasure Valley Spotlight was launched on air. My first guest, of course, had to be my ministry partner and friend, Mark Cares. Though nervous as can be on that opening show, I was thrilled and excited to begin this new journey. Little did I know what would happen in the weeks and months ahead.

Over the course of the next seven months, and 153 shows, I met many people, shared some good stories, had a few laughs and perhaps shed a few tears with the hope of inspiring, encouraging and educating people about an amazing God we have who works miracles through His Word and through His people.

Only two weeks after the launching of Treasure Valley Spotlight, the Lord in his wisdom decided to take Lee Schafer home to heaven after suffering a fatal heart attack. This would have a profound impact on the future of the program. Without his guiding hand, experience and development skills, his death could not come at a worse time for a fledgling radio program like Spotlight to prosper and grow.

The program did wonders for myself. I never tackled anything as difficult and diverse — yet enjoyed more thoroughly than being a host of a live radio program. I was stretched to the limit and grew as a result. From the very beginning until the end, I was made very much aware of my limitations and my full dependence on God. This was to be God’s show and not my own.

Before every show, it was my habit to take a brief walk to pray to the Lord for wisdom and strength, plus remind me of Who the host really was. This was His show and His blessing to me. And like every blessing – whether good health or a good job — the Lord can give and the Lord can take away. It is up to us to respond by faith and fully trust that the Lord knows best. Though saddened my tenure has come to an end, I cannot help but be thankful for this blessing God gave me.

Four Observations

On Palm Sunday, I had the opportunity to lead the Bible Class at Messiah Lutheran Church.Towards the end of the class, I shared with everybody four clear observations from my experience of being host of Treasure Valley Spotlight.They are:

1.“The Harvest is Ready and the Workers are Few”
There are many people right now who are giving great thought to who Jesus is and their relationship with God. Though unlikely to admit this with anyone, they are ready and waiting to be asked, “Have you been giving thought about your relationship with God?”

2.Be thankful for the Truth and nothing but the Truth
I am amazed at the lack of biblical knowledge existing today not only in Christian congregations, but in the lack of biblical training by pastors in the Treasure Valley who are the head of sizable churches. We ought to be very thankful for the training and the knowledge our pastors have in conveying the truth of God’s Word.

3.There are some good Christians doing some great work
God is using good Christian people here in the Treasure Valley in significant ways. They are committed, compassionate, and amazingly humble in the task the Lord has set before them. We should all be inspired.

4.Be Ready
I believe the Lord is going to provide us in the near future an amazing opportunity to exercise our faith by allowing us to experience some very challenging times. Let’s be ready physically, financially, and spiritually!

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  1. Hi Dave,

    Good lessons and you handled it well. I really can relate to what you said and how you said it. May God continue to bless you brother.

    I hope our paths cross again.


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