Behind the Mike: Observations of being a radio show host

For almost nine months, I was the host of a daily radio program called “Treasure Valley Spotlight” that concluded at the end of March this year. From my experience, I would like to share four observations.  These observations are:

#1        “The Harvest is Ready and the Workers are Few”
#2        Be thankful for the Truth and nothing but the Truth
#3        There are some good Christians doing some great work
#4        Be Ready

Let’s take a closer look on the first observation. When Jesus sent out his disciples to every town and place, he told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” When Jesus gazed out upon the field, he saw the ready and willing hearts that would be receptive to the gospel message. Unfortunately, we can’t see the open hearts like Jesus.  All we see is the rough exteriors of people that are intimidating, upsetting and causes us to be fearful.  More often than not, opportunities are missed and the message of God’s forgiveness is lost.

Several ministers and lay people came on the radio program to share unique stories of how the Lord used them to share the gospel.  Like me, they struggled with fear, intimidation and busyness.  The encouragement given is that underneath the façade of disinterest in Jesus or God, there are people who are very receptive to know more.  And they are waiting to be asked.

Rarely will a person take the initiative in inquiring Christians about what they believe.  Questions about Christ can be risky either for an unbeliever or someone who hasn’t step through the doors of a church for awhile.  It is often very difficult for a person to become open or vulnerable due to the risk of uncovering old wounds that have served as barriers to seeking a right relationship with God.  However, with a spirit of love, gentleness and patience, God gives us opportunities to share that amazing message of true grace, peace and forgiveness that can only be found in Christ Jesus.

I still smile at the many stories shared both on and off the air of people coming to faith out of the most unusual circumstances.  People hardened by life’s difficult circumstances are transformed by the Holy Spirit through faith.  People largely considered as impossible to reach, are touched by the love of Christ found only in His message of redemption.   And God used normal people like you and me to be that messenger of grace.

It would be nice if we could look inside people’s hearts like Christ and see that the harvest is plentiful.  It would be nice to know a person’s receptiveness to the gospel and if the timing is right to share.  But we don’t have that ability.  All we can do is trust what Jesus is telling us that the harvest is ready and the workers are few.  Perhaps we can both be more mindful and prayerful for those unique opportunities that only God gives us to share that good news with those people whom he places in our lives.  Trust me, they are ready to listen!

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