Is God really my co-pilot?

We recognize God as the Master and the Controller of the Universe, Creator of all things, but Christians today have a hard time recognizing God as the Master and Controller of our own daily lives. How can such a big God be concerned about someone as insignificant as me? Yet, the Bible paints a much different portrait of God’s relationship with us.

We can take God at His Word that he loves us and is concerned about our daily lives. We can let go of the temptations to worry, be anxious, or demand control.  All these can become barriers to receiving instruction from God.

President Ronald Reagan often told a story about a newspaper reporter from the Los Angeles Times. He once received instructions from his senior editor to get photographs of a brush fire in the foothills of northern California. The instructions included hurrying to the Santa Monica Airport to board a small plane, take some photos of the fire, then hurry back by noon with the story.

The reporter dressed quickly, rushed to the airport, and saw the small plane waiting on the runway. He parked his car to the end of the runway and climbed on board the aircraft. Within minutes, they were off into the clear blue skies.

When they reached 5,000 feet, the reporter took out his camera and said to the man flying the plane, “Bank right and I’ll take some pictures of this fire.” He then heard the most frightening questions of his life. “Bank right? Why don’t you bank right? You’re the instructor, aren’t you?”


Sometimes we seem to hurry through life not knowing where we are going nor what to do.  Then a crisis comes and we realize that we don’t have a clue. It’s similar to being given the controls of an airplane while having no idea how to fly – or going through life pretending that we do. The reality is the peace, comfort, and assurance we receive when we realize that God has been the pilot all along.

We are not even co-pilots!

We are told in Scripture to buckle up, take a seat in the back and be prepared for some turbulence. Although life can be bumpy, we trust that our Lord will see us through.

The next time we are faced with difficult situations, perhaps it might be best to remember that God is in the control of this universe – even the controls of our life.

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