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July 13, 2009

Lessons we can learn from John the Baptist

by Dave Malnes

I ran across these thoughts from the world re-known theologian A.W. Tozer on the life of John the Baptist and what we can learn from him.

We can note first that John the Baptist was not afraid to preach about sin.  Whenever there is a lack of introspective deliberation on our spiritual life, that will typically mean that sins reigns in our body.  Self reigns instead.  Those self-sins that include self-love, self-righteousness, self-admiration, self-esteem and hundreds of other self-sins that lie within each of us.

John the Baptist was simple in his faith in God.  He did not try to impress anyone.  He was a man of vision.  He knew exactly where he was in his times.  He knew his role, his purpose and his identity.

“The simple, humble, and courageous men who are willing to serve and wait on God in the long silences, who wait to hear what God says before they go tell the world—these do not come along too often.  When they do, they seek only to glorify their God and His Christ!”

What a great reminder from a gift man in A.W. Tozer.

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