Divine Interruptions

When you walk in the spirit, you never quite know when a person is going to pick your fruit.

In John 15, Christians are called to remain in Christ – to hold on to His promises – to trust in His Word.  As a result, we are given the ability to bear fruit – fruit that will last.  These are fruit that anyone would admire – peace, gentleness, joy, etc…  People notice fruit-filled Christians.  Then, out of nowhere, people will pick that fruit; desiring to have what you received.

A fruit-filled Christan will keep watch for opportunities to share that fruit with others.  The adventure associated with sharing is that you never quite know when and where that might happen.  With a  willing spirit, God provides those unique opportunities that we were originally created for and that match our specific gifts of the spirit.  As a result, witnessing does not become a task not something to be feared, but a pouring out that seems so natural.

We certainly live in a world with people who have desperate, gut-wrenching needs.  It can be quite overwhelming.  With so many distressing situations, we can easily throw up our hands and walk away — becoming immune to the hurts surrounding us.  But then God, through His Word, takes over.  He reminds us of who we are in Christ.  We are then renewed by His Spirit to be sensitive and open to all those divine interupptions that come our way.

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