A spiritual lesson from gnats and mosquitos

“As we wait in bank lines, fight traffic, and struggle to make it through each day, it’s hard for us to realize that one day we will reign with Christ.”   (Kevin A. Miller)

Can you even imagine what heaven will be like?  We certainly receive glimpses of heaven while reading God’s Word.  We will be perfected beings living in a perfect world – living and reigning with God forever!

It’s funny how living in this world makes us focus so much on the present and not the future.  We struggle so mightily on things that are temporal, not eternal.  Our frets, our worries, our concerns cloud our vision of what lies in the future.  We like to “hold on” for each passing day.  The struggle and the fight becomes intense.  While difficult circumstances come at us like gnats and mosquitos at dusk, we stand and swat at those pesky creatures wondering why God created them in the first place.  Than we discover that He did create indeed create gnats and mosquitos and for a good reason (though we don’t know exactly why).  Why not in the same way can we look at difficult circumstances as God’s creation as well.  Isn’t that life in a fallen world?

So, for today, my focus will be on the fact that someday I will be reigning with Christ in heaven.  Forever.  And that future focus will allow me to overcome anything the world has to offer and what God has allowed for his purposes and more importantly, for my benefit.

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