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November 17, 2009


Why does God need our prayers?

by Dave Malnes

The real reason for praying has little to do with asking for things. We pray simply because God wants us to pray. Prayer is talking to God.

Does He really need our prayers? No, God doesn’t need our prayers to bless us. The bigger question is, “Why does God want me to pray in the first place?”

Prayer is a means for us to build a faith-filled, loving relationship with our Creator. Asking for things is just one minor aspect of our relationship with God. He is already as good, concerned, informed and powerful as He can be. But since a loving relationship with Him is His highest concern for us, God constructs the order of things so that a loving relationship with him will be facilitated.

Because of this, God ordains that some things will only be done through prayer.

If God doesn’t need our prayers, then is prayer truly effective?

God commands us to pray for several reasons.

1. Prayer is a constant reminder that God is the only source for help and strength.
When we truly slow down and examine our lives, during good times and bad, it is God that receives all credit and glory.

2. We need to remember our relationship with God in our present fallen condition.
We have all heard studies and testimonies on the healing power of prayer, but God does not act like a cosmic vending machine. A person does not make a request, pull a lever, and have our request granted. People are miraculously healed and people tragically die. What’s the difference?  What didn’t work?

There are billions of variables that go into God’s moment by moment interaction with the world. There is His overall plan for humankind and for the universe. There is His plan for each individual. There is the strategy of the spiritual battle with which He is involved. There is the degree to which He has ordained our prayer to have consequences in the world.

To understand all of this would be like walking into a theater in the middle of a movie. Would you be able to explain the whole movie after only one minute of viewing? Or, would you be able to teach a chemistry class after reading one page of a textbook?

Prayer is a means to give us confidence and peace that God is working out all things for good, even when he says no to our prayer. Faith and trust becomes the critical element of being sure in what we hope and pray for and certain of what we do not see.

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  1. Nov 17 2009

    Well written post. Something I need to be reminded of regularly–the reasons for prayer.


  2. Dec 4 2009

    If one is a truly born-again believer, who knows Jesus Christ, firsthand and personally, and has the image of Christ in him (John 3: 1-21), prayer of thanksgiving will be as effortless as breathing!


  3. Christopher the question filled
    Feb 15 2013

    I´m not a hater… Only a question- filled agnostic.

    But after reading all of this. I´ve become more of an nihilist 😦

    One of my impressions of this writing are ” God creates, has a plan and ending… But God has no clue WHY “he” is doing it in the first place.

    One who creates is only, in my opinion – in NEED of anything.

    I didnt create God. Therefore – I didn´t ever need ” him”

    And therefore…. “he” should logically be more in NEED of our prayers in order to exist, than we are in need of “his” respons. Because “he” seems to be more demanding of prayers, than we are praying and given response.

    This is not a fact of course.. Only me mind- boggling like most of us.

    Why dont you ask yourself THESE questions… The answer is perhaps not relevant at all.

    ” If God created earth…
    How long time did it take before He decided to do it.. Did He hesitate 5 minutes/ 7 days?
    For how long time did He even existed before He got to work”?


    • Dave Malnes
      Feb 16 2013

      I want to thank you for leaving a comment. To be honest, I’m not sure how to reply to your comment. Mainly because I don’t exactly understand your questions. When it comes to understanding the existence of God, or his personal involvement in the world, it’s hard to draw a basis of understanding to even being a conversation. Plus, I can understand the frustration on both sides.



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