Being a Spiritual Leader in Today’s World

God is looking for a few good men.

This popular phrase is used by Marine recruiters to reach out to young men who desire to grasp a hold of adventure, a dynamic purpose beyond themselves, a rewarding goal that only a few dare to attempt. Could not the same phrase be used for today’s Christian church? We need a few good men who dare to go against the tide of secular consumerism, the entanglement of competing truths, and amnesia to the great commission.

Several years ago, I came across an excellent article written by a pastor who specialized in Biblical leadership. Through careful study of leaders in the Bible, most notably Nehemiah, he offered some sound instruction and guidance.

“God is serious about the spiritual life of those who lead his people. People with superior skills but no prayer life can’t lead in Christ’s Church. Men who have a wealth of experience in administration but no experience with Scripture don’t get God’s call.”

“Spiritual leaders take the state of the church personally, agonize over it, and pray repeatedly about it. It is not the eloquence of a perfunctory prayer that opens a meeting at the church, but the passion of his private prayers that measures a leader.”

“Spiritual leaders don’t use policies or public relations to fix problems in the church; they use repentance.”

“Leaders serious about God’s work are in continuous consultation with God. Perhaps that would be more apparent if there were more prayers in the middle of meetings at church, not just at the beginning and the end. What we do when we’re stuck, how we deal with disagreement, where we turn for a decision– that is what defines spiritual difference.”

“Spiritual leaders care and dare to get angry at what opposes God, in and outside the church.”

“Spiritual leaders have a bigger agenda than building church walls. Like Nehemiah, they help people rebuild their lives with God.”

“The mark of a spiritual leader is integrity– walking the talk, modeling God’s truth and love. …It meant consistently living out what God’s Word had put into his heart.”

“Christian leaders who understand God’s Word and seek God’s will have God’s direction. It isn’t mystical, and they don’t manipulate people with it. But spiritual leaders know what God wants them to do, and they trust God to show others.”

These excellent points came from the article “Doing God’s Thing, God’s Way: Christian leaders who understand God’s Word and seek God’s will have God’s Direction” by Rev. Paul Kelm.

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