A Remedy for Ailing Families is Committed Fathers

Our society is facing many concerns right now. To me, the cause and the cure begin and end with the family. A generation has witnessed the destruction of families and now a new generation is needed to reconstruct the family.

Parents today must recognize the amount of impact they have on teaching morals and values to the next generation and don’t give in to the influence of the media, music and video games. Children who daily witness positive male and female role models at home are given a far greater chance to overcome life’s challenges and enjoy the freedom of living as God’s faithful servants. Hope is kept alive through our children.

The Ten Commandments tell us to, “Honor your father and mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.” God’s promise of rewarding family commitment is the hope I cling to when all else seems hopeless. Our hope and trust rests with God, yet He has chosen to intercede by placing the burden of raising the next generation on parents.

When God blessed my wife and I with our first child, the burden of parenthood caused great fear within me since I really didn’t have a clue on how to be a good father. I sense that many young fathers feel the same way. Since young men have fragile egos, we sometimes have difficulty admitting to a lack of knowledge in anything. The problem intensifies when panic accompanies our dry reservoir of fatherly wisdom. Instead of thirsting for counsel, we tend to keep family concerns at an arm’s length and draw closer to familiar passions for comfort and assurance. Unfortunately, the current climate of our culture aggressively promotes a man’s passion for work, recreation and freedom while families remain in the backset or left forgotten in the closet of our mind.

I am thankful to see a resurgence of committed fathers. Men are beginning to realize the consequences of neglecting their families and are taking action to correct those errors. A “successful” man is in the process of being re-defined which includes being a good father. He is wisely investing his personal resources into the quantity of time he spends with his children instead of the quality. Momentum is building to overturn the trend of having less fathers and more daddies.

If our society is to begin healing, I believe the remedy will be found in fatherhood. Together, fathers can accept the responsibility and forge a new direction for the next generation. Young fathers initially have all the same concerns of providing for their family. Then life hits and the commitment wavers.

There are the frustrations and challenges associated with chosen careers. The constant temptation of materialism, lust and glory is ongoing. It is an ongoing challenge to find the time necessary to strengthen or even maintain our spiritual life, commit ourselves to the church, and spend time with our young children. When we are about to drop in exhaustion, the little time and energy leftover must then be used to love, nurture, serve and support our wives. Life becomes a battlefield. It is the trench warfare of raising a family, a war against temptations and the ultimate victory which only can be found in Christ. For it is God’s Word that ultimately equips , teaches and inspires us to be the men whom God wants us to be.

“For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.” (Romans 15:4)

One Comment on “A Remedy for Ailing Families is Committed Fathers

  1. It is an alarming cause for concern, the culture of family disorientation that’s sweeping through our nations far and wide. The true meaning of “family” has been taken away, as we witness the rude awakening of our present – day generation. Moral and values has been thrown out the window.
    It is heart – wrenching to see our little “treasures” ( our kids ) becoming more and more aggressive,daily. Lost of respect for oneself, parents and other authoritative figures have
    taken a turn for the worst. As we see daily in the
    news and other media sources.

    Fathers ,must therefore take their rightful place in
    the home, as being the head.
    When the head of the family becomes activated by showing respect and other vital traits to their wives, we notice the children will show respect to their parents also.
    We, the church must therefore take a firm stand in bringing back and keeping the family together.
    We do so by obeying the principles and teachings of Father God and by applying His rules, regulations and commands to our everyday life….

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