God will not allow His Word to fall to the ground

After years of preparation and anticipation an event that will capture the imagination and the attention of billions around the world will be riveted on the country of South Africa beginning this week.  I’m not talking about a summit of world leaders to talk world peace, global warming or the latest natural disaster, but an event of such enormous magnitude that businesses, banks, even traffic will slow to a standstill for those few precious hours each day.  World Cup soccer has finally awakened from its four year hiatus.

Americans don’t really grasp the significance of this event.  For a nation whose team is participating in such an event, it’s the Super Bowl times seven.  The whole nation shuts down and become absorbed in the sweeping emotions of a soccer match.  And like thunder rumbling through the plains, a goal is greeted from every town and village.  Glory is brought to any tiny nation that rises to the occasion and gain victory over a formidable foe.

They didn’t have World Cup soccer during the time of King David, but Israel knew victory under his command.  Like thunder rumbling through the valleys, the reputation of David’s might was heard throughout the land.  All for a purpose.  All for the glory of the one true God – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  What brought victory to David’s reign as king?  What allowed David to succeed?  When reading through First and Second Samuel, you come across the following phrases, “So David inquired of the LORD”;  “So David did as the LORD commanded him”; “{The Lord said through Nathan} Whatever you have in mind, go ahead and do it for the LORD is with you”;  “I have been with you wherever you have gone”; “The LORD gave David victory wherever he went.”  The victories granted to David set the stage for the greatest victory every recorded – the victory over death and Satan accomplished through the completed work of the promised Messiah.

Even though victory has been assured, the match isn’t over yet.

The Lord anointed David, son of Jesse, to achieve victory.  Perhaps in the same way, God has chosen each of us in this unique point in history to advance his kingdom.  From what we have learned in the life of King David, it will be the Lord who will provide the opportunities, the message, and the strength.  And perhaps at this time, we are on the cusp of a great victory that goes beyond any World Cup soccer match.  The victory is bring lost souls to faith in Christ – a trust in his completed work on the cross and victory over death and Satan.

Like David, we recognize that any victory will come from the Lord and the only means of achieving victory will be through God’s Word.  “The Lord was with Samuel as he grew up, and he let none of his words fall to the ground.”  (1 Samuel 3:19)  The words of the prophet Samuel’s were always reliable.  As a result, he was widely recognized as a prophet who spoke the word of the Lord.  As we share God’s Word with others, we can have confidence that they are being used.  Our Lord will not let any of His words fall to the ground.  With renewed confidence, we can pursue opportunities to witness Christ and pray that the glory of the Lord will rumble throughout the valleys to reach many more people.

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