When God whispers “My child”

“The Spirit reminds us whose we really are. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what God has called me to do that I forget the most important part of my identity. Then the Spirit softly whispers the Father’s words to my heart afresh: “My child.”  (Craig Keener)

What is your identity?  So often, we allow the world to try to define who we are.  Every day, we receive subtle messages of what we should buy, what we should emulate, what we should do to gain attention or the nod of approval of our society.  But then, the Holy Spirit reminds us of who we really are.  We long for riches and royalty, and we find out in God’s Word that Christians already wear a crown.  The same crown that Jesus died and rose again.  For you.  Knowing that are status is certain, that we are heirs as God’s children, doesn’t that dramatically shape our outlook, our day, our willingness to get up in the morning?

So, where do we receive the Spirit?  Where do I get these reminders of my true identity?  Each day, we receive the opportunity of reading letters of love and devotion of a loving Father who is perfect in every way.  Perfectly loyal.  Perfectly committed.  Perfectly loving without conditions.  A type of father that is perfectly approachable.  And with that, he only needs to whisper, “My child” … and we know the rest.  His promises are true.  We are secure not only his love, but also in his eternal treasures.

So when this world has this strong tendency to define our being, to shape our thoughts, let’s resist by reminding ourself through God’s Word who we truly are and what that means eternally.

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