When God’s will collides with our own

“As long as God’s will lines up with our own wishes, everything is fine with us.  But when our personal goals collide with God’s will, we truly learn what His lordship over us means.  God calls us to give Him not the sum total of the little things we happen to have a surplus of, but that which is most strongly connected with our personal identity– the things with which our very life is entwined.”   Wolfgang Hasselkus

A sincere Christian will be concerned in following God’s will and his ways in life.  But sometimes we focus too much on the following the example of Christ rather than on the living the sacrificial life of Christ.  Let me explain.

The natural law of God is to be good and do good for the benefit of others.  When more people practice the teachings of Christ, good citizens will be a by-product.  But Christ asks us something more than just to follow his teachings — he is asking us to follow him.  This is when the wills of man collide with the will of God.  Even for Christians.  Our pride will typically dominate our direction in life, not enabling us to hear the gentle whisper of God’s voice.  But God is a stubborn and merciful God.  He will not let us go that easily.  For these reasons, his will shifts our direction like a large wave crashing over our bow.  This sometimes creates great damage.  Our rudder is bent rendering it useless.  Our bow is broken causing us to sit listlessly in the water.  Or so it seems.  God uses struggles, challenges and heartache in life as a means for us to change direction, to give up the steering wheel, to finally trust that God truly knows what’s best — even when the collision of wills ends up in a large crash.

A Christian life is a surrendered one.  This means that we need to trust God absolutely that his promises are not only true, but he has the best interest at heart for our lives.


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