How to play beach golf

First Tee

Putting for par on the third hole of beach golf

My family loves to go camping on the Oregon Coast. One of our favorite activities through the years is to play beach golf. We play all day and its free. Here’s how you play.

Walk down a beach as far away from the crowds as you can go. Typically, we walk a good mile and a half away from the crowded beach. Our family brings umbrellas, a picnic lunch, blankets, sunscreen, books and anything else we can think of to spend the whole day on the beach. Once we’ve settled on a spot, the boys get to work in setting up a beach golf course.

We set up six holes of varying distances anywhere between 100 and 400 yards. Each hole has a colored construction cone that we bring along. The object is to hit the golf ball against the cone. The fun is to construct, design and build each hole.

First Tee

The first tee on the beach golf course

Typically, holes are designed around large pieces of driftwood on the soft sand. However, on the coast, you can also design some creative holes when the tide is out. The hard sand is like hitting a ball down an airport runway. The ball rolls forever. So, when designing a course, have four holes going into the wind and on the soft sand. Then, have two holes coming back on the hard sand. Each player is only allowed to use one club. Usually, it’s either a seven or a five iron. The fun is in the creativity and the joy of playing free golf with my sons.

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