God uses cracked pots

God uses cracked pots

“Is it possible that in some cases God actually wants cracked pots, vessels with flaws, to confirm the divine source of the gospel, to make it clear that what we accomplish is not by our might, nor by our power, but by His Spirit (Zech. 4:6)?  Is it possible that there are some weaknesses in your life that God has no intention of correcting—ever?”   (Fran Sciacca)

Perfection is the standard by which art is appraised, precious metals are valued, and advertisements implore as attainable.  When there is a flaw, value plummets along with our self-esteem.  We tend to focus on what we cannot do, of whom we are not, rather than on what we can do and who we are.  We look at personal or physical flaws as a cruel joke rather than golden opportunities.  Sure, it’s good to try to correct and improve upon our flaws, but quite often we invest all our time on self-improvement in areas of weakness, rather than on what we are good at and what God created us to be.

Flaws are o.k.  In fact, God uses flaws in our life as a means to accomplish his purposes in ways we could never imagine.  Perhaps God never wants to remove flaws or “thorns in the flesh” from our life.  For without them, we may never be molded and shaped into the person God desires us to become.

God has a way of using cracked pots.  In fact, he prefers to use them.

Though they do not hold water well and may not look attractive on a flower stand by the window, God still uses cracked pots to grow beautiful flowers.  He doesn’t give up on them nor throw them away.  In fact, the simple truth is that we are all cracked pots, people with flaws and imperfections, whom God loves.  Even though we see imperfections, God doesn’t.  By being in Christ, God sees perfection.  And he knows that the flaws in our lives are a means to perfect us even more – all for his glory.

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  1. Beautifully put. 🙂 I am a writer who seeks bring the truths that I’m learning from the Word to Life in a devotional form.

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