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July 9, 2012


Be Perfect! Meeting God’s impossible standard at

by Dave Malnes

“Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”  (Matthew 5:48)

For those who strive to become righteous, the Lord presents an impossible standard.  For those who attempt to do good with the hope of being rewarded with spiritual or earthly blessings, the Bible presents a different message.  Be perfect.  Notice that God does not say, “become” perfect, but “be” perfect.   If a person thinks that it’s impossible to meet that standard of perfection, than you have reached the conclusion the Bible intends.  You can’t be perfect.  But, there is a way to be perfect and that’s the intent of a media campaign that was launched today in Provo, Utah.

Beginning on Sunday evening, a television commercial was aired several times on major cable TV channels in Provo and Orem, Utah.  The TV commercials began with the statement “Living Righteously” and asked if it was really a process for blessings or not.  The commercial concluded with the statement “Stop the Pain” and referred to a website,  In conjunction with the TV commercials, a total of nineteen advertisement will be seen on bus shelters throughout the city of Provo.  Again, the phrase will be “Living Righteously” and refer to the website.

The standard instituted by God is to be perfect and there only one solution provided.  By faith alone in Christ, we are perfect in Christ.  Right now, we can be freely and fully forgiven.  At this moment, we receive the full benefit of what Christ has already done for us on the cross.  His perfection becomes our perfection.  His righteousness becomes our righteousness.  With that knowledge, we unlock the secret of the kingdom of heaven.  By faith, we are what God intended us to be.  Created in his image, humans beings respond by loving in return and through love we glorify the Creator.  We no longer strive to become pleasing to God, but we simply be what God intended for us to be — a saint in Christ Jesus — someone who is set apart from the world, but of the world.  A saint who is perfected by the completed work of Christ and a sinner — infected by original sin and living in a fallen world.  Our lives in faith is a reflection of Christ’s perfection.

This is the message from the new website,  This site will go into more detail about Jesus’ command for all people to be perfect and other questions related to salvation.

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  1. Jul 20 2012

    Jehovah’s Witnesses or Scientology is who these people are – the site is based on the hatred of other religions.


    • Dave Malnes
      Jul 21 2012

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, Steve. When you read this blog or read the content at, you certainly don’t find hateful language or intent.


  2. Sep 13 2012

    I didn’t see many negatives, except of course for the mental condition that all theist suffer from. Here is some food for thought Dave. Jesus did not do anything important. Here is the problem of the whole salvation, died on the cross story.

    Either Jesus was fully human or fully divine. Can’t have it both ways. According to most biblical scholars, god cannot do things that are impossible and against his nature nor do things that are logically impossible. The divinity of Jesus is self contridictory to the human Jesus.

    1. Man is finite
    2. God is infinite.
    3. God cannot not be infinite.
    4. Jesus is part of the “god head” and is infinite.
    Logical conclusion is that Jesus could not be fully human if he was divine and cannot be divine if he is fully human.

    There are more problems with this. Jesus’s body was irrelevant. Let’s say that Jesus was both indeed divine and human. His human body means nothing to him as he is spirit first. He never died because he is infinite.
    Also, how does a finite body atone for the infinite punishment of sin? If man dies in a sinful nature, his curse is hell and seperate from the god head. Jesus took upon himself all the sins of man. There should be only two outcomes.

    1. Jesus is in hell for eternity paying for the sins of man. (three days of fake death is not paying th debt.

    2 There is no salvation as jesus is not in hell for eternity and either sin doesn’t really exists or he did nothing in dying. Only pulled the wool over theistic eyes. You choose.


    • Dave Malnes
      Sep 14 2012

      Thank you for the reply. I welcome your comments, but don’t necessarily agree with them. I’m finishing a study on the covenant established between God and Abraham. I have really enjoyed it for it truly gives the foundation for faith. In a nutshell, we are to trust God at his Word and we are credited as being perfect. Sounds too good to be true, right? I’m sure Abraham felt the same way. But the covenant was established for Abraham’s benefit — not God’s — as a means to give him assurance that you can trust God Almighty — El Shaddai. In the New Testament, (Book of John), it says the Word became flesh. In Greek, the word for Word was “logos” — for which we derive the word “logic” in English. I find that interesting — is that in understanding the Word — the same Word that Abraham trusts in — and the covenant that was established — was a carrying out of the logic of God. Which, I admit, I don’t understand nor comprehend. I applaud you for tying to make sense of an Almighty God. But, good luck. That’s why he simply tells us (like little children), trust me.


  3. George
    Jul 12 2013

    “Stop the Pain.” This website provides nothing useful. Focus your time and energy on something else more important, please. People are starving and sick. Thanks.


    • Dave Malnes
      Jul 15 2013

      I think the website is very useful. I don’t think there is anything more important than our eternal welfare.



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