Pictures of bus shelter ads in Provo, Utah

On Monday morning, July 9th, a total of nineteen bus shelter ads in Provo, Utah unveiled a brand new website from Truth in Love Ministry entitled,  This website joyfully proclaims the truth of God’s Word that we are already perfect and worthy in Christ Jesus.

I have had the privilege and joy of helping design and create the various components of the campaign — including the bus shelter ads.  The design is based off a series of television commercials that we produced and are currently being aired on major cable television channels in the Provo-Orem market.  This is the first time we have tried bus shelter ads in a campaign, but not the first time we have attempted outdoor media.  We decided to go and take a look by spending a day in the beautiful city of Provo.  Below are a series of pictures I took:

Bus shelter by a park in Provo

This ad is off University Avenue and by a state house building. Notice a statue honoring pioneers in the background.

Dave Malnes standing by the bus shelter ad.

Mark Cares standing by bus shelter ad.

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