Journey through a road of cranberries

Like a mirage appearing on a hot desert road, the gleaming red that covered Highway 39 last Tuesday in Wisconsin caught me off guard.  The slowing traffic signaled that an accident just occurred coupled with the wailing of sirens and the blinking red lights appearing in my rear-view mirror. The sea of red that seemed to treat the highway as a growing canvass aroused my curiosity.

The slowing traffic conveyed an accident ahead. But, what was the red stuff on the road?

Up ahead you could distinguish a semi-truck on the side of the highway that appeared disjointed.  That was my first clue. As my car was about to enter into the sea or red, a person really couldn’t tell what it was on the road.

It was not until you could look out your window could you tell that millions of cranberries had littered the road as a result of the accident outside Wausau.

It seems that the semi-truck trailer had split apart and spilled the contents all over the road.    Millions of cranberries had turned the highway red. This made my first-ever trip to central Wisconsin truly memorable.  Not only did I experience watching a Packer game on TV in Packerland, a true cultural phenomenon, but received an adventure on the highway as well.


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