Charlotte’s Story: Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free

“I can truly say that the Lord taught me because when I came to know the Lord I didn’t trust anyone.”

These were the words shared with me by Charlotte as she contemplated how she became a Christian. Her pathway to faith was not an easy one, especially for those who were once members of the Mormon Church.

For those who have come out of Mormonism, lack of trust is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. When reaching the conclusion that the teachings of Mormonism are not true it becomes a dramatic shock to those who grew up in the Mormon Church. An unquestioning faith in the prophets and leaders of the Mormon church and its teachings are practically mandated and vigorously taught at a very early age. When Mormons are brought to the point that they must reject the teachings of Mormonism, it is heart-wrenching. The feeling of utter betrayal by the Mormon Church typically leads an ex-Mormon down the path of unbelief.  Who can they trust to tell the truth?

Finding truth is the story of Charlotte’s journey from Mormonism to the Christian faith.


Charlotte was raised in the Mormons church and was a devoted follower. She was married in the Manti temple in Utah, but her husband left the church over an incident with an LDS bishop.  Wanting to stay loyal to her husband, she also left the church and continued to fervently pray that if the Mormon Church was true, God would lead her back some day. Though she was torn and distressed in leaving her beloved church, she learned that the Lord used this event and other challenging circumstances in her life to lead her to the risen Christ of the Bible.

Her journey had already begun when she was a teenager. She said, “A Baptist preacher was preaching to me the truth of God’s Word, but I couldn’t understand a word of what he said.  It was like listening to Greek.  Ten years later I started attending a women’s Bible study… and I was very arrogant in my knowledge of the Bible. I couldn’t connect relationally and I felt like I was just a project to those ladies.” She then attended a church evangelism meeting. The Lord used that meeting to bring her to faith. She replies, “It has taken over fifteen years to sort out my thinking. The Lord has used a number of different circumstances to teach me first to trust the Bible to be true and then to understand what he really means in his Word and not what I was told it meant.”

Charlotte encourages Christians to be prayerful and patient when witnessing to Mormons. She says, “What many Christians don’t understand is that the enemy has taken the same word of God and put a distorted meaning to it in the LDS Church.  The Word of God is essential as well as praying the ears will hear and the eyes will see.  Just being a godly friend is most important.  Let God work in their hearts and be in tune to Him so that he can use you to say and do just the right thing at just the right time.  One of my favorite scriptures is, ‘Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’ (John 8:32)  That truth isn’t always pretty, but it is liberating in the Lord.”


We praise the Lord that the Holy Spirit has brought Charlotte to faith in the Jesus of the Bible.  We are thankful that she can fully take him at his Word. Finally, we are encouraged again to see the power of God’s Word at work in people’s hearts – even those lost souls who have been terribly misguided in their perceptions of God.  We are thankful that Charlotte found TILM ( on the internet and expressed her appreciation on how this ministry is reaching out to Mormons with gentleness and love while relying on the truth of God’s Word.

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